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How did religion and politics affect the development of the New England colonies?


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Resulted in witchcraft

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Religion is the entire reason the New England colonies exist. The Pilgrims came to New England in search of religious freedom, and they created colonies where people were free to worship as they chose.

how did religion influence the founding of the new England colonies

The New England colonies were predominantly dissenters and the southern colonies were predominantly Church of England.

The environment of the New England colonies didn't affect the development of slavery very much at all. What did affect - and retard that development - was that the New England colonies were not based primarily on agriculture, but on manufacturing.

The most common religion in the New England colonies were christianity.

The regions developed differently for a variety of regions. Geography, politics, religion and economics, among other things, all influenced how the regions developed.

becuase they wanted to grow and smoke weed all day but the king of england did not let them

Many of them were Puritan colonies, actually.

The religion that was allowed in the New England Colonies was Christianity. The New England Colonies did not leave England because of religious persecution. New England was also named New England because they followed the traditions of England.

In the period of the 13 British colonies, Boston was the center of politics in New England.

puritans and also they were christians

Colonists settled in the New England colonies because they wanted to practice their religion freely.

The religion in the southern colonies was mainly an Anglican faith. The Catholics lived in Maryland for religious freedom and separation of the Church of England. The southern colonies wanted freedom for all religion.

if you were a certain religion you lived in a certain area.

Whereas religion was the basis of life and government in the Northern colonies, the lack of religion in the Southern colonies provided the basis for agriculture.

noneTheir religion was mostly Calivinism.Catholic.Puritanpuritans. RI 1st to allow any religionpuritans and also they were christians The New England Colonies believed in Puritanism.(If you are learning this in social studies, it is such a bore.)

mai chudayee england and maiyee chudauuooo tm

Because they wanted to find the new England Colonies so they can practice their religion freely.

Maryland was founded by Roman Catholics who were fleeing persecution in England. The Puritans, Quakers, and other protestants who were being persecuted by England also fled to the colonies. Not all colonies were founded with religious intentions however. Southern colonies such as the Carolinas were founded for agriculture and Georgia was founded as a buffer state between the English colonies and Spanish controlled Florida.

if there was a shortage of something, obviously the colonies couldn't get it from Britain

Most people in the New England colonies came to America for freedom of religion. Some also had economic reasons.

close to England. wanted a different religion.

As the colonies grew, differing economies developed in the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

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