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How did religion play a crucial role in te lives of New England women?


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How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women

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These women were known as nuns. Associated with the Catholic religion.

Being that this country was founded under protestant religious rule, religion played a fundamental role in people's lives and women were the most affected. Women were, like in many other religions, confined to the home and to educating the children (biblical studies).

Men chopped off their penises as a ritual while women kept them as a charm.

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The majority of women in the Middle East follow the religion of Islam.

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AnswerThe Roman religion known as Mithraism was open to men, but women could not become members. Although very popular for some two or three centuries, Mithraism's failure to recruit women was a fatal weakness that led to its downfall. Christianity, which arose at around the same time, actively recruited women, knowing that they would bring their children up as Christians, as well as explain the new religion to the men in their lives.

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