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How did religion play a role in the American Revolution?


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What role did religion play in the Revolutionary war?

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Religion played a very small role, if any. The revolutions in Russia were political.

The French and the Indian played the role of prompting the American Revolution by treating the colonists as inferiors.

She was the first women to write the History of the American Revolution

During the American Revolution the Native Americans fought in either side, American or British.

They were a covert partner with the Patriots.

The American Revolution helped shpae our country to what ti is today. The American Revolution is where the Patriots fought for their right to be independent from Britain.

He organized the Committees of Correspondence.

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They helped to fight and start mini rebellions.

he was the latin american revolutionary leader

He was commander-in-chief of the American Army during the Revolutionary War.

john adams role in the revolucionary war was to get the british out of their land and out of their stuff

Nathanael Greene served as a general for the Patriots in the American Revolution. He also served in the Rhode Island assembly.

he influenced the colonists about the social contract idea

He was the bad guy and ruled all the colonies!

the writs of assistance played a major role in the american revolution because the americans didn't like begin charged with warrents and begin seached.

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