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How did cultures spread throughout various regions?

It was spread by culture diffusion.

Who was the leader who spread the Greek culture?

Alexander the great spread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean world

These years are referred to as Hellenistic because during this time?

Greek culture was spread throughout the non-Greek world.

What period marked the spread of greek culture throughout the Mediterranean?

During the Hellenistic Period (roughly the fourth century BC through the first century BC) Greek culture spread throughout the Mediterranean, first by Alexander the Great's conquest, then by the Roman empire.

What development made it possible for the new culture to spread quickly throughout Europe?

the printer was the first machine that its developed made it possible for the new culture to spread quickly throughout Europe.. The development of printing in Germany meant that this new Renaissance culture spread quickly throughout Europe.

What Western aspects of culture have spread throughout the world?

Modern clothes, the Western idea of materialism have spread throughout the world.

What happened during the period known as the Hellenistic Age?

A new Greek culture spread throughout the lands Alexander had conquered.

How the sumerian culture spread throughout mesopotamia?

The Sumerian culture spread throughout Mesopotamia through cultural diffusion. This happened primarily through trading with neighboring countries and groups.

Who spread Greek culture throughout southwestern Asia?

Alexander the Great

How was sumerian culture spread throughout mesopotamia?

Sumerian Culture spread throughout Mesopotamia in cultural diffusion, which was when neighboring cities would exchange ideas or even products. Trading is a prime example of cultural diffusion.

What helped spread knowledge throughout China during its golden ages?

Books helped knowledge to spread throughout China during its golden ages. Importing of goods from European countries and industrialization spread knowledge throughout China

What Greek conqueror spread Hellenic culture throughout all of his conquered land?

Alexander the Great spread Hellenic culture through all his conquered lands.

How did Islamic culture spread throughout the Muslims empire?

when the prophet died the caliphs traveled around and spread the word

How did the greek culture spread through the ancient world?

Greek culture was spread by trade and through Alexander the Great's conquest of most of the ancient world. After it was spread by the Romans throughout the Roman empire.

What culture did Alexander the great adopt?

Alexander the Great adopted Greek culture and spread it throughout the former Persian Empire.

What was time when greek culture spread throughout the non greek world?

It was the Hellenistic era.

The Macedonian leader who spread Greek culture throughout the Middle East?

Answer: Alexander the Great

What Macedonian ruler spread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean world?

Alexander the great

What is a valid generalization about early Japanese culture that is Japan?

Spread shining throughout Asia

Who conquered a large empire that spread the Greek culture throughout the world?

Alexander the Great!

How did Greek culture spread during the Hellenistic era?


How did Hinduism Spread throughout the world?

Hinduism is spread by the president of the united states long ago he met them and told them they could go around the world and spread there culture.

How did Alexander the Great help spread the ideas of Judaism?

He had no intention of spreading Judaism. He sought to spread Greek culture throughout his Asian and African empire.

What are some of the policies of Alexander and the Hellenistic kings that helped to spread Greek culture throughout the empire?

his admiration for success

What did Alexander the great try to spread throughout his empire?

Greek culture and ideas.... It's weird I had that for homework 2nite