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How did roosavelt first become president?

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Theodore Roosevelt served as VP for William McKinley. When McKinley was assassinated in 1901, Roosevelt, per the US Constitution, became President.

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WAS president...3 terms, until his death in May of '45.

Yes, he was president in the 20th Century

Theodore Roosevelt was US President from 14 September 1901 to 4 March 1909.

FDR is a president. You would have heard of him as Franklin D. Roosavelt.

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The first Vice President not to become president would be Aaron Burr. Aaron Burr was Thomas Jefferson's Vice President.

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The first person to become president that had a father who was also president was John Quincy Adams. Adams was the sixth president of the United States.

When George Washington become president, John Adams become the first vice president.John Adams becomes the second president.

The first official president was George Washington.

Tyler was the first vice president to become president without being elected. Tippecanoe and Tyler too.

The first U. S. Vice President to become President due to the death of the previous President was John Tyler (April 6, 1841).

John Tyler was the first VP to become president after the death of William Henry Harrison.

John Tyler was the first vice president to become President without being elected as President. He took over for William Henry Harrison, who was the first President to die in office in 1840.

in 1771 george washington became the first presendnt.

The first Vice president to become president is John Tyler the 10th president.

He was not the first president he was the 2nd. He was also the first to have a son that become president. Also he was the first vice president.

John Tyler was the first vice president to become president.

John Adams was the first vice president to become president. He was the 1st US Vice President and the 2nd US President. Vice President John Adams was elected president in 1796, after George Washington decided not to run for a third term.The first vice president to become president when the president died was John Tyler, upon his predecessor Harrison's abrupt death.

Gerald Rudolph Ford was the first vice-president to become president after a resignation.

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the first Tuesday after the first monday on Inaguration day,Janurary 20,

John Tyler was the first vice-president to assume the role of president.John Tyler was the first vice-president to assume the role of president.

Andrew Johnson was the only former president to become a senator.

Assuming that you are talking about the United States, the first Vice President to not ever become President was Aaron Burr, the Vice President during Thomas Jefferson's first term as President and the lifelong rival and murderer (in a duel) of Alexander Hamilton.

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