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Q: How did servants travel from town to country house in the 18th Century when their masters traveled by coach?
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Why did indentured servants need their master's permission to marry?

The indentured servants were bought by their masters. The master saw them not as people, but as animals. The indentured servants could not do much without the permission of there masters.

What actors and actresses appeared in Masters and Servants - 2003?

The cast of Masters and Servants - 2003 includes: Penelope Keith Christine Rose as herself

How are indentured servants controlled by their masters?

the masters own the servants lives from a contract so the master basically control the servant, or else they would ill the servant for violating a contract.

Where does it say in the bible slaves obey your masters?

Eph:6:5: Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ Col:3:22: Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God: Ti:2:9: Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things; not answering again; 1Pt:2:18: Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.

What common thing of a slave and indentured servant both have?

well first of all they d'ont have proper rights (well the servants do but the slaves d'ont) and there masters d'ont treat them the way they should. And slaves that used too work on plantations in there masters house are just like servants because they do anything there masters want. Hope this helps!!!!

What has the author Matthew Dutton written?

Matthew Dutton has written: 'The law of masters and servants in Ireland. Wherein is shewed, what persons shall be compelled to serve and labour and how. Of giving discharges and certificates to servants, and of hiring servants from former services without. Of departure of servants, and of giving warning. Of putting awa'

Where is the Century Masters Incorporated in San Francisco California located?

The address of the Century Masters Incorporated is: 500 Leavenworth Street 405, San Francisco, CA 94109-7512

How did indentured servants travel?

Indentured servants would travel with their masters in the same transportation devices. However, they would not be treated equally, and if they were being transported by boat, they would be on the bottom, and not have the same benefits.

What was Dred Scott like when he was a kid?

Dred Scott was born into slavery around 1795. Unlike many enslaved people who worked their whole lives on one plantation, Scott traveled with his masters throughout the country.

What catorgories of slaves existed in Africa?

Categories: Indentured Servants served for a period of time Slaves served masters their whole life

Which is the best country to do masters in Instrumentation?

Russia, Germany and China are some of the best countries to do masters in Instrumentation.

Did Pablo Picasso take style of seventeenth century Dutch masters?

He did no such thing.

How does Crusoe differ form English and Spanish masters he left behind to develop the island?

Crusoe survives through hard work and resourcefulness, whereas the other masters were lazy and unproductive.----APEX

How does crusoe differ from the English and spanish masters he left behind to develop the island?

Crusoe masters his servants by earning respect, whereas other masters earned it through violence. -apex

What jobs did indentured servants have?

Whatever jobs their masters assigned them to; usually labor of some kind. Often the only difference between indentured servants and slaves is that indentures were complete after (normally) seven years, and the servant was free to go.

James Madison responed to the Alien and Sedition Acts by?

condemning them because they assumed that elective officials were the masters rather than the servants of the people

The two sources of labor that were used by the plantation owners in the South were?

Indentured servants and slaves. indentured servants weren't exactly slaves some often lived with their masters. they also schooled their masters children when the mother or father were busy. The slaves slept in thrown together shacks and were forced to work. some would try to escape but if you were caught it was punishable by death.

How do you make a sentence using indentured servant?

An indentured servant was someone who was basically a slave until they paid back what they owed to their "master." Here are some sentences.In order to come to America, Molly became an indentured servant to Captain Mitchell.The indentured servants did most of the work around the house.It was common for people to become indentured servants to pay off a debt.Indentured servants worked hard for their masters in return for their masters paying for their journey to the New World.

What was done to the slaves after they were sold?

after being sold, slaves were used as chip labour in plantations and industries.They were also use d as maids and servants for their masters.

What are three factors that contributed to this huge death toll in the Black Death?

poor understanding of Black Death. Misconceptions, gap between servants and masters.

What has the author John Huntingford written?

John Huntingford has written: 'The laws of masters and servants considered; with observations on a bill intended to be offered to Parliament, to prevent the forging and counterfeiting of certificates of servants characters. ... By J. Huntingford, ..' 'The state of the statute laws considered'

Why would a landowner rather use slaves than indentured servants ?

Slaves could be counted on to be more loyal to their masters, and slaves are property and can be bought and sold. Indentured servants are contractually obligated to work for their employer for a fixed amount of time after which they can leave.

Why would a landowner rather use slaves than indentured servants?

Slaves could be counted on to be more loyal to their masters, and slaves are property and can be bought and sold. Indentured servants are contractually obligated to work for their employer for a fixed amount of time after which they can leave.

Three artists from different centuries who were masters at etching?

17th Century: Rembrandt 18th Century: F Goya 19th century: JAM Whistler are three of the best, but not the only ones.

How did Mexico get independence?

mexico got their independence in a battle between them and the spanish. it began as a simple little quarrel between the servants and their masters but grew to be much more.