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How did soccer start?

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about a month after soccer balls were made

A soccer match is started with a kick-off.

soccer started in the 1170s

in 2008 soccer first started in mexico.

does anyone know why soccer started in general, not just in australia?

Soccer in Europe which I love soccer pro at it.

crab soccer is when you play soccer on your back (when you do the brige and start walking like a crab)

In England, in the 1800s.

You could start playing soccer in whatever age you wanna play it. Ok. So no worries.

For Youth Sports the fall soccer season tends to start mid-August and the spring season tends to start early March. High School Soccer starts early August, College Soccer starts the first week of August, and Pro Soccer (MLS in the U.S) starts around August 15.

c.ronaldo started to play soccer because it was his talent

Start a survey then talk to the principal of the school. Start a fundraiser.

NO it started IN England

Abby started playing soccer when she was four

i think it depends on where you'r living but my summer soccer league starts in the spring.

The soccer world cup stars on 11/6/2010.

you start by getting the name correct *football

No, the earliest forms of soccer are said to be from China in 300-200 BC.

Hope started to play soccer at age 5.

what age was Diego maradona when he started international soccer

She did not start playing club soccer until she was 14.

The modern game of soccer didn't start until the 18th century. Soccer was not a football game in 1144.

we just perfected it (italy)

When he was 5 years old

When the cavemen invented soccer

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