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How did spider man get his powers?

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Peter Parker was on a school field trip with his science class. While taking pictures of genetically enhanced Spiders- he comes to find that there is one missing. Later, he is bitten by the spider on the hand and transforms into the newly pronounced superhero.

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If people are bit by a spider can they get powers?

No. that was only on spider man

What is the Ultimate Spider-Man film about?

The Ultimate Spider-man film is about a Marvel superhero known as Spider-Man. An ordinary boy is bitten by a spider, giving him supernatural spider powers. He then uses those powers to fight crime and save the world.

Spider-Man vs Superman?

Spider-man has got powers due to bite of an insect. Super-man had inborn power.

When did Spider Man get his powers?

he got bitten by a spider

How can you be like Spider-Man?

You can't. There is no way to be bitten by a radioactive spider & gaining super powers.

Does spider DNA make you have spider powers?

never....but maybe it can kill a man

How did Spider-Man get his super powers in the comic?

He was bitten by a radioactive spider.

What archenemy of spider man possessed the same spider like powers?

the answer is venom

Are Spider-Man powers real?

No, Spider-Man's powers are not real. They are pretend and can only happen in fictional stories.

Who is stronger spider man or spider monkey?

Well of course spider man would be the strongest because of his powers. spider monkey, no chance what so ever.

Why did Peter Parker turn into Spider-man?

He was bitten by a special spider, which gave him the powers of Spider-man. That is the physical way. More so, he turned into Spider-man because he needed to/had the capacity to fulfill the role.

Who would win spider man or bat man?

in my opinion Spider man because Batman really has no powers so Spider man could beat Batman to a bloody pulp if he wanted to.

Who helps Spider-Man fight the villains?

His powers.

Is super man better than spider man?

yes Who has better super-powers? superman Who has better character,design, and humour? spider-man

How did Peter Parker get his powers in the movie 'Spider-Man'?

During a field trip to a genetics laboratory at Columbia University- an escaped genetic test altering spider which had all necessary powers bit the high school bookworm Peter Parker. That gives him spider-sense, spider strength, spider-webbing, spider agility, spider grip, and spider speed.

Can anyone get powers of Spider-Man?

No. Spiderman is a fantasy story, not a real person.

Why did Spider-Man get his powers?

Because Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider in a science lab.

Why does Spider Man lose his powers in Spider Man 2?

Because he stops believing in himself and that causes his abilities to weaken until they are no more.

What powers does Spider-Man have?

Spider-Man has several unique abilities which include wall crawling, enhanced stamina and strength, superhuman reflexes and agility, and spider-sense.

How do you beat Spider-Man in a fight?

having super powers

How do you put spider man powers in gta sa?

you are big idiot!

What is spider man about?

this guy got bitten by a spider then he got spider powers giving him the ability to shoot webs crawl on buildings and swing on things he called himself the friendly neighborhood spider man.

How you become spider man?

To become Spider-Man youu must be bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider during a class field trip and that is how he got his powers.

What special equipment does Spider-Man use?

weds and powers ect ect

Why is Spider-Man intelligent?

He is just naturally intelligent. He was smart before he was bitten by the spider that gave him his powers.