How did sufism influence the Indian literature?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How did sufism influence the Indian literature?
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What is an Islamic achievement for literature?

poetry was inspired by sufism, and there were many Arab and Islamic stories

How did the Hindu concepts of Dharma Karma the Caste system and reincarnation influence the Indian literature and culture?

you in mrs.Jones class?

How did religion influence ancient Indian art?

Religion is central to Indian arts--music, literature, painting, architecture, music, dance, theater...

What has the author Roma Chaudhuri written?

Roma Chaudhuri has written: 'Aspects of Indian thought' -- subject(s): Criticism, interpretation, Upanishads, Vedas 'Sufism and vedanta' -- subject(s): Sufism, Vedanta

What has the author Arifi written?

Arifi has written: 'The Book of ecstasy' -- subject(s): Sufism, Sufi literature, Islam, Mysticism

What is the mystical tradition of Islam is known as?

"Sufism" is the correct term for the mystical tradition of Islam.

What are characteristics of Indian literature?

Indian literature is based on piety, a deeply religious spirit.

You would be extraordinarily difficult to produce a workable definition of either Indian Literature or Western Literature?

Do you mean East Indian Literature or Native Indian Literature? Please use more concise grammar.

Is Indian literature the same with Hindi literature?


How did European literature influence American literature?

it made it better

How does Rasa influence Indian music?

what is rasa? how does it influence indian music

Who is the father of sufism?

Prophet Muhammad SAW is father of Sufism . He is fountain of all sects of Sufism .