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Surplus of food, Work share, and creating colonies.

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Where was the world's first great civilization?

The Sumer or Sumerian Civilization (Mesopotamia) is noted as the first "Civilization" to meet all the right qualifications; c. 5300 B.C. It existed in what is today Iraq.

What three letter scrabble word end with QI?

There are no English Scrabble words that meet the criteria.

Does teaching meet the criteria for a profession?

Teaching certainly might meet the criteria for a profession. Teaching meets this particular criteria if you are a hired teacher.

Can you give me a sentence with the word criteria in it?

Your work does not meet the criteria.

What are two example sentences for the plural of criterion?

The plural of criterion is criteria.Two example sentences containing "criteria" areYou do not meet the criteria to apply for this job.You must meet all the criteria outlined in the paperwork.

How does the wikimedia foundation meet the criteria for a knowledge-creating organization?

How does the wikimedia foundation meet the criteria for a knowledge-creating organization?

Who can help Turkey's application for membership of the EU?

They have to do it for themselves. They have been given the criteria that they have to meet to join the EU. It is up to them to meet those criteria.

How do you get Persian?

Apply for citizenship and meet their criteria.

Does Turkey meet the Copenhagen criteria?


What percentage of Americans meet criteria for major depression?

Approximately 15% of adults in the U.S. have been meet criteria for depression at least once in their lives.

What is a sentence using the word criteria?

Your grades do not meet the criteria you can no longer go on the field trip.

A sentence using criteria?

Criteria is, essentially, standards to judge something or someone by. An example sentence would be: She didn't meet the criteria to be in the club.

What is Criteria based rating?

This is giving a rating based on some criteria that were set out. You can do a great project and score badly just because you do not meet these criteria.

Can you recommend a good online dictionary?

Freeonlinedictionary will meet this criteria

Atoms combine when?

The conditions meet the criteria of atomic combination.

What words end in clud?

There are no English words that meet the criteria.

Does Oedipus Rex meet all the criteria of tragedy?


Can your neighbor file adverse possession?

If they meet the criteria, then yes.

What age do you have to be to rent a house?

16 and you have to meet the reqired criteria.

What element has a r for a second letter and a m as the last letter?

There are three elements on the priodic table that meet this criteria.. They are, Praseodymium Promethium Protactinium Hope that helped you!

Can you find the area of an irregular quadrilaterat if three sides and one angle of 90 are given?

No, because there are more than one quadrilaterals that can meet those criteria.

Purchases with the purchse card must meet which of the following?


How is myopia treated by doctors?

People with myopia have three main options for treatment: eyeglasses, contact lenses, and for those who meet certain criteria, refractive eye surgery.

Do shotguns need to be registered in Pennsylvania?

Only if they meet certain criteria.

What Words beginning with Z have qu in them?

There are no English words that meet the criteria.