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How did sunni start?


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Sunni had come during the time of the prophethood of Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh), and they follow the practises by him (pbuh).

(pbuh)=peace be upon him

(I'm Muslim)


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Sunni Muslims could be Sunni Arabs or Sunnis non Arabs; as the Sunni Indonesians or the Sunni Malaysians or Sunni Indians, ...etc. So, all Sunni Arabs are Sunni Muslims but not all Sunni Muslims are Sunni Arabs.

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Sunni religion??? i think your little confusedTheir is only one religion both for a sunni or shii' that is Islam.There is no sunni religion or shii religion!!! Islam is the only religion and how did it start you have to read the Quran,"Sunni" means "traditionalist" they go by the Quran and the teaches of Muhammad (PBUH) where shii means " the party of Ali" they too follow the Quran, but they say that After the Death of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Ali was his cousin was suppose to take leadership, not his trusted friend.

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shahid Khan Afridi is sunni. Sunni

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When a child turns 7 , praying (namaz) becomes an obligation.

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The majority is Sunni.

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