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How did technology change since 1948?


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Teddy boys and girls were all the rage in the 50s. They looked very smart and formal usually. Mini skirts came out in the 1960s, they were the latest style and were made famous by the models Twiggy and The Shrimp. In the late 1960s and early 1970s hippies became the height of fashion. They wore flared trousers, platform shoes and grew their hair long. In the late 70s disco wear was in fashion but punk style also shocked the world. While in the 1970s the silhouette of fashion tended to be characterized by close fitting clothes on top with wider, looser clothes on the bottom, this trend completely reversed itself in the early 1980s as both men and women began to wear looser shirts and tight, close-fitting pants. Men wore power suits as a result of the greater tendency for people to display their wealth. Brand names became increasingly like fashion of all modern decades, 1980’s fashion in popular culture incorporated distinct trends from different eras. This helped form a cultivating movement of style. The masculine-influenced fashion trend that was most indicative of the 1980s was the wide use of shoulder pads for women. During the 1980s everyone was wearing ra-ra skirts and leg warmers. Designer clothes and brand names were bought in the 1990s. In the United States Madonna was titled the “Material Girl” and many teenage girls looked to her for fashion statements. The popular movie Flash dance made ripped sweatshirts well known in the general public. The television shows Dallas, and in particular, Dynasty also had a similar impact, especially in the increasingly over sized shoulder pads.