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AnswerAmerican Indias survived by ways of hunting deers,and small games (rabbits,squirrels).

They also garthered fruits and seeds such as berries,nuts,squash,and serveral kinds of seeds.

They lived in tepees,houses made out of stick,mud,and animals hides. More sturdy houses were made during later period.

Refer to more specific types of Indians if you need more informatio

They'er clothes were made of animal skin,fur and,hides.

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Q: How did the American Indians survive?
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Who helped the pilgrim survive Plymouth colony?

The Native American Indians

How long did American pilgrims survive?

the Indians helped the colonist survive in the new world. they helped them plant and hunt.

Why did American Indians want European goods?

so they can use the goods to live and survive

What enabled the NAtive American Pilgrims to survive the starving time?

indians gave them food that winter

Describe the technology by American Indians desert southwest to survive?

i think that they used was mostly clay to make utensils and other things to help them survive

What technology did American Indians in the desert southwest use to survive?

The technology was "common sense" or "a learned tradition."

Did the Miami Indians survive?

yes some did survive and some did not survive

What technology did American Indians of the desert southwest use to survive?

American Indians of the Desert Southwest would use clay and other resources they could find to make survival possible.

What technology did the desert southwest Indians use to survive?

The Indians of the American southwest used cacti to survive. There is not much water in these deserts, and the southwest Native Americans would use the Saguaro cactus for their main water supply since the cactus stores water.

How did the chowanoc Indians survive?

they didnt

How the Indians help the Pilgrims?

The Indians showed them how to survive (get food, clothing, etc.)

What did the Creek Indians do to survive?

Creek Indians did a number of things to survive. Some of the common activities that they engaged in included, fishing, hunting and farming.

Did American Indians make beer?

Beer was made by American Indians

In what ways did American Indians help the pilgrims survive in Plymouth?

The Indians showed the Pilgrims what foods were edible and helped them make it throught their first Winter until they could plant crops the next Spring.

Do Indians put up Christmas trees on Christmas?

are you talking about american indians or indians from india? american indians- most probably indians- almost all of them

How did Cherokee Indians survive?

they grew crops

How did the Apache Indians survive?

very carefully

How did Pueblo Indians survive the environment?

in texas

How did the Navajo Indians survive?

by adapting to the enviorment

How did the Pilgrim's survive the winter?

Indians helped them.

AllNames of the Native American Indians?

all names of the native American Indians

Why was the settlement of Jamestown successful at first?

Because the colonists had the help from the Indians who already knew how to survive in the region. For example they used dead fish as a fertilizer so their crops could grow, but who helped them, American Indians

Why didn't the Indians survive the trail of tears?

Famine and diseasesplagued Indians on the Trail of Tears.

How did the missionary's affect the native American Indians?

The American Indians were forced to turn christian.

Why is leaving near a water source was important for the American Indians?

Because there wasnt many water sources in the plains, and people generally neeed water to survive