How did the American military feel about the atomic bomb?

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Most of the American military, and the general public, were strongly in favor of the use of the atomic bomb in World War II. The enormous casualties that would have resulted from invading Japan would certainly have exceeded anything done by the atomic bombings. A few in the military and out in the general public had strong misgivings, believing that the A-bomb made war even more horrific or perhaps ending the traditional role of the military forever.
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What is the military view of the dropping of the atomic bombs?

Answer . "It was an effective mission". "Cost effective". "Well done, good job". "Right On". Expressions of that nature were prevelant. Very few military leaders or at lea

Were Americans supportive of atomic bomb?

Yes because the did the bomb, and stopped the war during world war II. In Japan over thousands of people were killed, and the city was destroyed. So the Americans did ther

How did the US feel about the atomic bomb?

Most Americans did not really understand the atomic bomb, they were elated that the war was over. Some families had not seen their military family members in three or four yea

What were the military arguments for dropping the atomic bomb?

There were several military arguments for using the atomic bomb against Japan in 1945. First, this would bring about an early surrender of Japan and avoid what would probably

Why did the Americans have to use the atomic bombs?

The stated reason is "to save American lives by ending the war sooner." The real reason is to see what would happen. They could have detonated an atomic device out to sea, nea

When did Americans drop the atomic bomb?

The first combat use of the atomic bomb was against Hiroshima, Japan on 6 August, 1945. Three days later, on 9 August, the second (and so far last) use of a nuclear weapon in
In Japan in WW2

Why did the Americans develop the atom bomb?

To end the last and hopefully final World War. We also took over Japan's military and now own it, because we cannot ever trust them because they murdered innocent people with