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Being a VFW member, I've talked to some of these men and women and in general it was shock and Horror. Shock that we could get caught with our pants around our ankles. Horror in seeing the devestation of the bombing. The death tolls, ships that were sunk with sailors stuck inside them. Then anger. The armed forces were chomping at the bit to back at them. It was Adm. Yamamoto who said "I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant". Well they did that and more.

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Q: How did the American soldiers respond to Pearl Harbor and how did they feel about entering the war after?
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How many American soldiers were in the Battle of Cold Harbor?

About 170 thousand Americans served at Cold Harbor.

Which did Britain do in the build up to the American revolution?

forced colonies to harbor british soldiers

Why did the us build pearl harbor memorial?


Which British act in the American colonies required colonists to harbor British soldiers?

Quartering Act

What is The name of the ship that lost the most American soldiers during the bombing of pearl harbor?

The Arizona.

How many American soldiers died in pearl harbor?

2,403 died at Pearl. 68 were Civilian so 2,403-68= 2,335 were soldiers.

What American naval base did japan attack which led to the US entering World War 2?

Pearl Harbor

What American naval base did Japan attack leading to the US entering World War 2?

Pearl Harbor

How did most Americans originally feel about entering the Worls War II?

Before Pearl Harbor, the majority of the American public was apposed to entering the war. It was viewed as Europe's War. After Pearl Harbor though, the public stance on the matter changed dramatically.

How many American soldiers died attacking the Japanese in Pearl Harbor?

None. The Japanese attacked the Americans.

What did Britain do in the buildup to the American Revolution?

forced colonists to harbor British soldiers closed Boston's port

What was the executive order 9066 about?

This happened after Pearl harbor, this was the Japanese movement into camps that were guarded by American soldiers

Where were the soldiers when the Japanese attacked pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbour Was A Surprise Attack By The Japanese On A Military Base In Hawaii Therefore The American Soldiers Were There At The Base Just Unprepared.

How many soldiers were killed at Pearl Harbor?

2,403 is the most common number of American deaths I find reported at Pearl Harbor, 68 of them were civilian. 2,335 would be military.

How many soldiers died at cold harbor?

A total of 2,632 soldiers died as a result the Battle at Cold Harbor. Of these, 1,844 were Union soldiers and 788 were Confederate.

What was the goal of the Japanese when they attacked pearl Harbor?

the Japanese wanted to keep the Americans from entering WW2, so they destroyed the American naval fleet.

What is one reason that the United States entered world war 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the primary reason for USA entering WW2The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the primary reason for USA entering WW2

What did Pearl Harbor have to do with Jews?

Nothing. "Pearl Harbor" was a Japanese Attack on the United States naval base in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor. The Japanese did not include Jews in their decision to attack Pearl Harbor nor were Jews engaged in the defense of Pearl Harbor, save for those Jews who were American soldiers on the base.

How did Germany respond to pearl harbor attacks?

they did celebrate

Why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor in World War 2?

1) to destroy American aircraft carriers 2) to destroy American oil tanks 3) to prevent the U.S from entering the war.

What words describe the pearl harbor?

Pretext for entering WW2.

How did the soldiers feel in Pearl Harbor?


How many soldiers and sailors died at pearl harbor?

Over 2,300 men died on the American side. There weren't many Japanese casualties.

How many soldiers where killed in pearl harbor?

2,345 soldiers, along with 57 civilians.

Was the soldiers alarmed before the attack on pearl harbor?

No the soldiers were not expecting the attack it was surprising.