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How did the Americans fight The Vietnamese War?

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With all weapons in the US inventory, minus NUKES; and searching and destroying all enemy forces on sight.

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What tactics did Americans use to fight the vietnamese?

Which Vietnamese?

Who did the Americans fight against in the Vietnam war?

The NVA and the VC (North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong).

Who did America fight against in Vietnam?

Americans in the Vietnam War were fighting against communist northern Vietnamese.

How many Americans and how many Vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

Americans=132746Vietnamese=6528901 ;)

How many Americans served in the Vietnamese war?

5 Americans

What was the Vietnamese perception of the Vietnam war?

Around 600,000 Vietnamese died in the Vietnam War. More Vietnamese died than Americans. That amazes me.

Why so much opposition to the draft in Vietnam?

the Vietnam war was not an American war. we got in it to fight off communism. and the vietcong and north vietnamese worked together to fight us, and south vietnamese were hardly using their army to fight, they were letting us do all of it. and Americans didnt want to go die for a lost cause.

Who were Americans defending in the Vietnam war?

The South Vietnamese

Did the Vietnamese win the Vietnam war?

I am 100% sure that the Vietnamese won the Vietnam War. Too Many Americans were assassinated.

Is it true that Vietnamese soldiers didn't aim for African Americans during the Vietnamese war?

Not True

What war did the Americans fight the Americans?

The American civil war.

Illegal war acts which both Americans and vietnamese were accused of committing?

War crimes

What were the treaties of the Vietnam war?

After the Vietnamese threw the Americans out and no treaty's were entered into

How did the Vietnam War impact on Australia?

The Austrailians sent approx. 50,000 troops to south Vietnam to fight along side the Americans, South Koreans and south Vietnamese.

Why did South Vietnamese fight the Vietnam War?

To defend against Communist expansion.

What word means having the south Vietnamese fight the war alone?


What was Australia's history in the Vietnam war?

the aussies were alies and fought in the Vietnam war with the Americans. (and of course the South Vietnamese - the Americans were paticipants on their side).

How did American war tactics affect vietnamese villagers?

Villagers were fearful of Americans.

Did African Americans fight in the civil war?

African Americans there were in the North did fight in the Civil War. This was because African Americans were fighting against the people who enslaved them.

What did the south Vietnamese fight for in the Vietnam war?

To remain a free "Republic of South Vietnam."

What revealed the US had no plans for ending the war as long as the north Vietnamese continued to fight?

war powers act

Who did you fight during the Vietnam war?

I was not involved in the Vietnam war. That was between the American (and Australians and south Vietnamese) and the Vietcong.

Why did Americans fight the Vietnam war?

Part of the cold war.

Which war did the Americans fight the British for independence?

The Revolutionary War.

What effects did the Vietnam war have on Americans?

Americans were discriminating against Vietnamese, even though it was their own fault they didnt't take it seriously. Americans were discriminating against Vietnamese, even though it was their own fault they didnt't take it seriously.