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All of the states, except Georgia, ceded their western lands to the national government, under the Articles of Confederation. The purpose was so that all states could share in the wealth of the western lands, not just the original states. Virginia was the first to cede western lands and in doing so established the idea that free republican institutions could not survive in one large nation. The purpose was to see new states carved out of the western lands so that all would enjoy the system of a republic type of government. The Northwest Ordinances of 1784 and 1787 provided for the creation of equal, self governing states in the area known as the Northwest Territories. The Ordinances, under the Articles, meant that no original state would obtain and own colonies. All states, new and those to be created, would be equal.

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Under the articles of confederation each state had only one vowel godless of its population?

Yes, this was true under the Articles of the Confederation. The rule as put into place and passed to ensure equality between larger and smaller states by population.

Are the Articles of Confederation unicameral or bicameral?

unicameral. when the articles of confederation was scraped, the constitution was written to ensure a bicameral legislature.

What were the advantages of the Articles of Confederation?

To ensure that America had freedom, and independence.

How did the articles of confederation ensure the power of states?

within congress, all states would be equal and each had a single vote.

What kind of rights of equality does the constitution ensure?

what kind of rights of equality does the contitution ensure

Did the articles of confederation protect natural rights?

yes it did. it ensure lockes philosophy on inalienable rights. that idea influenced the founders from the beginning and it was given to its citizens

How did the US constitution address the problem under the articles of confederation that congress had no power to ensure its laws were followed by the state?

it created an executive branch to inforce laws

What are two characteristics of the Articles of Confederation?

One characteristic of the Article of Confederation was that it allowed states to govern their own area. Another characteristic was that it left the central government without much power to ensure that the country was operating in a positive direction.

How does the us ensure people are equal?

Democray insures the equality of oppurtunity, not the equality of conditions

What helps to limit government involvement on individual liberties and ensures equal treatment under law?

Articles of confederation help to limit such government involvement and ensure equal treatment.

How Indian government ensure equality to its citizen?

By giving fundamental right to its citizens. Like right to equality, right to freedom, etc.

Which documents are meant to ensure equality for either the people of Canada or people of the US?

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is one of the more major documents that helps ensure equality in Canada, but it doesn't cover the US.

Separation of powers and federalism are constitutional principles that?

ensure legislative and executive equality

Does the British Bill of Rights ensure the equality of citizens?

Britain doesn't have a bill of rights

Why weren't Articles of Confederaton a successful plan of government?

The Articles of Confederation did not have a strong central/national government. Although they were able to create laws, there was no way for them to support them and ensure that they were followed. The Shays Rebellion was the turning point in American History when people realized that they needed a stronger central government to keep the peace and to get things done.

What are the duties of a good government?

duties of government are to ensure welfare of people of the country if the government has to be good it has to ensure equality,peace,discipline and justice in the country

What should an adult Indian do to ensure equality?

live in one world as in the other. With as much wisdom.

Why won't the Canadian government ensure equilty for me?

please be more specific, do you mean equity or equality?

What document was used to govern the US before the Constitution?

Before the United States Constitution, the Articles of Confederation were used to govern the United States. Their greatest weakness is that, under them, the Federal Government had no power. It could make laws and decisions, but it had no way to ensure that they were enforced.

What are some ways to promote the general welfare?

One view: Well, back then when the states, when the articles confederation was written, the government did not really care about what was going on in the states, fighting, debt etc. Another view: One example would be the Food and Drug Administration, a federal authority to ensure the safety of food and pharmaceuticals, and thereby ensure the well-being of the people.

Why was it important that the Constitution gave the federal government the power to ensure domestic tranquility?

The Confederation Congress had no power to put down rebellions.

Why did many delegates to the constitution convention think that the constitution was a much-needed improvement over the articles of concederation?

The (arguably) reason was that the articles of confederation were intended for a single purpose; the overthrow of an insensitive government, and after this was completed they were not intended to go any further. The articles, and rebellion that followed, stood as proof that the states needed each other more than some wanted to admit; to ensure their continued safety. It was hotly debated at the time for the necessity of a "Federal Government" but that is what won out.

What changes would you make to international trade to ensure more equality among core and peripheral nations?

ibjsqx cnc

Why did the states need a stronger union?

The US under The Articles of Confederation was a weak one. States had disputes, and refused to donate money to the federal gov, instead rejecting their requests. The states needed a stronger central government in order to ensure some manner of consistency in the United States of America.

What are the similarities between the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation?

Similarities of Articles & ConstitutionWhile it soon became obvious that the government under the Articles of Confederation was not equiped to governed the new nation, there were, on paper at least, some similarities in powers granted to the government under the Articles and the Constitution. This is not to say that the government under the Articles was able to make use of all these powers, as there were too many weaknesses present in the Confederation form of government. The similarities included: Congress did have the legislative (lawmaking) power under both governments.The federal government could send and receive ambassadors.The governments were empowered to negotiate treaties with other nations.Both could raise and equip an army and navy (getting the money for it was another matter)Both regulated Indian affairs.Either could establish a post office.They governed the territories.The Articles set up departments that would become the cabinet under the Constitution.Both gave "full faith and credit" to the legal acts of the other states and could ensure that citizens from all states were treated equally.

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