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What did the Aryans believe about the people they conquered?


What group of people conquered the Harappans and most of India?

the Aryans

What happened when the Aryan culture mixed their culture with people they conquered?

Aryans were great adveturers, warriors, scholars and spiritually religios people. Wherever they went or conquered, their culture assymilated these characters into the local people and those people adopted the values that the Aryans carried.

Who conquered India?

the Aryans conquered north India The British Empire

What warring people group from the north is believed to have conquered the Indus Valley?

the Aryans: nomadic people from the Caucasus region

Who conquered the early people of the Indus Valley?

The Aryans (Vedic people) overthrew the stone forts of the Dasyu. If you refer to the Indus Valley Civilization people, no one conquered them, they left Sindh because of floods and drought.

How were the people of the indus valley different from the aryans who conquered them?

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What invaders conquered the early Indus Valley civilization?


Fierce nomadic herders who invaded and conquered the Indus Valley civilization?

Aryans were the fierce nomadic herders that conquered them.

How did early Aryans religion grow into Hinduism?

Aryans are not an ethnicity. They were a people who spoke an Indo-European language and settled in an ancient Iran and the Indian subcontinent. The theory of an Aryans began in the 19th century that a light skinned Aryans were a group who invade and conquered ancient India from the north who shaped the Vedic religion.

What did Sparta use to control its citizens?

The Spartans focused on military skills to control the people they conquered.People they conquered were not citizens. They used the practice of ostracizing to get citizens to conform.

How did the aryans control the people in India?

The Aryans disregarded the local cultures. They began conquering and taking control over regions in north India and at the same time pushed the local people southwards or towards the jungles and mountains in north India.

What is a requiremento?

inform conquered people that they were under the control of the Catholic Church.

How did Rome treat people from the lands it conquered in gaining control of Italy?

Rome treated conquered people generously. The knew the people would be more loyal to the government if treated like Romans.

WHo were the Aryans What are two thing the Aryans brought to India?

The aryans were a proto-slavic people from the caucus mountins, the aryans were advanced and expanded throughout europe and asia. The aryans brought there language and genes to india.

Caste system and aryans?

No one is sure, but ideas about skin color were probably part of it. Another reason the Aryans might have created the caste system was because the people they encountered in India outnumbered them. The caste system set the rules for everyone's behavior. This helped the Aryans stay in control.

When Alexander the Great took control of lands he tried not to destroy the government?

the armies of the people he conquered

How did the aryans control people in India?

well, the story says that there were earthquakes and alot of floods so the people of india left and the aryans settled. After that , the aryans were used to live in one way so they had to rule there.people were divided into groups on what they worked on. all of the way indians lived were changed they could not see each other because of the division there was

Why was the caste system created?

no one is sure, but ideas about skin color were probobly part of it. The Aryans were a light skinned people. They thought they were better than dark skinned people they encountered in India. This idea was wrong but the Aryans believed it. Another reason the Aryans might have created the caste system was because the people they had encountered in India greatly outnumbered them. The caste system kept groups seperate and set the rules for everyone's behavior. This helped the Aryans maintain control.

What advantages did the Aryans have over the native people of India in the competition for farmland?

The Aryans had horses

What were some of the things aryans brought to India?

Aryans are not a group of people nor a ethnicity. It is only Hitler who made Aryans a race of people who he used to make others of a lesser race. So, Aryans didn't bring anything to India.

How could Alexander the Great control people even though they weren't his subjects?

He conquered them and made them his subjects.

Why the people conquered by Rome remain loyal to Rome?

Roman control brought peace, security and prosperity.

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