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They assigned a governor to strictly rule conquered lands.

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Why did the Aztecs fight?

to strengthen their empire

What tactic did the Aztecs use to strengthen their empire?

They had a strict governor rule over conquered lands.

Did the Aztecs have an empire?

The Aztecs did in fact have an empire. This empire was actually a very famous empire back in the day.

How did the Aztecs govern themselve?

The ancient Aztecs had a empire.

Who defeated the Aztecs and their emperor?

The Spanish defeated the Aztecs and their empire.

Worlds largest empire in the 1400's?

The Aztecs had the world's largest empire in the 1400's.

How did the Code of Justinian strengthen the Byzantine Empire?

How did justinian strengthen the bizatine government

How did the Aztecs build their Empire?

By building

Who had a bigger empire the Aztecs or the Mayans?


What empire did Cortez conquer?


What is the name of a military empire?


What did Maria Theresa do to strengthen the Hapsburg empire?

In order to strengthen the Hapsburg empire, Maria Theresa recognized the bureaucracy and improved tax collection.

Did the Aztecs eat cows?

Cows did not exist in the Aztec Empire, and consequently were not eaten by Aztecs.

How big was where the Aztecs live compared to Rome and London?

London was like a dot on the map compared to where the Aztecs lived. The Aztecs had an empire. To compare like with like, the Aztec empire should be compared with the Roman Empire, rather than the city of Rome. The Roman Empire was 30 times bigger than the Aztec Empire.

Were the incas a Atlantic to pacific empire?

no, that was the aztecs

Where did The Aztecs established an empire?

Mexico City

Who is the empire of Aztecs?

Emperor Montezuma II

Who invaded the Aztecs empire?

Hernando Cortes

Who was the Aztecs empire wife?

muaaa goobadi

Who did the Aztecs form alliances with?

it was the Aztec empire

Who was emperor of the Aztec empire when Cortes conquered the Aztecs?

The emperor of the Aztecs when Cortes conquered was MoctezumaII

What were pericles 3 goals for the Athens?

To strengthen Athenian democracy, to hold and strengthen he empire, and to glorify Athens

What did the gupta empire do to strengthen their rule?

eat pubes

How did the Aztecs welcome the spanish?

When Cortes appears at the Aztecs empire, they believe that he is the god, Quetzalcoatl but he is truly an enemy that is out to destroy the Aztec Empire. Anyway, the Aztecs welcome the Spanish with food, and with a place to stay that lines the entire city giving an easy way to defeat the Aztecs.

People who made up the Aztecs?

Empire is partly correct as it was an Empire but that isn't a relevant answer. As far as i know and i like studying about the aztecs, no actual group of people founded the aztecs it was a sort of culture that just slowly came to be.