How did the Battle of Hastings start?

The Battle started when Edward the Confessor died and had noone to pass the throne onto, immediatly everyone jumped to the chance to become king

The three contenders were : Harold Godwinson - An Englishman

Harald Hardrada- A Viking

and William of Normandy- duke of Normandy

Edward the Confessor had promised William the throne however everyone in England wanted Harold G but the throne was rightfully Haralds because of his ancestors. -----------------------------------------------------------EDIT!-----------------------------------------------------the first part of the previous answer is true. However, the Witan chose Harold Godwineson to be the king. The other two contenders were certainly not happy about this, so William and the Normans were determined to fight with King Harold for the throne. King Harold's army had just successfully fought in a battle in York, and had to walk 300miles to get to the place near Hastings where William wated to fight. As you can imagine, they must have been exhausted. However, the king's army had the advantage. They were stood upon a hill with a forest behind them, so they were protected from all sides. At first it seemed likely that they would win ... (you asked for the start, so I won't go on.) Hope I helped!