Black Death (Plagues)

How did the Black Death get its name?

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* I think it was because of the black boils that appear on your

body. It could have been a mistranslation of the Latin expression

atra mors because "arta" may mean both terrible and


* It was the black rats that spread the disease.

* Neither of the above answers is correct. Since the Bubonic

Plague ("Black Death") occurred in the Middle Ages (or DARK Ages)

the name derived from the time period. Which probobly means that

the name was created later, after the pandemic had


* The term "Black Death" for the Bubonic Plague was introduced

for the first time in 1833. It has been popularly thought that the

name came from the late-stage sign of the disease, in which the

victim's skin would blacken due to sub-epidermal hemorrhages, and

the extremities would turn dark with gangrene. However, the term is

actually thought to have more likely referred to "black" in the

sense of hopelessness and sorrow. === ===

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