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Americans have always needed a "catalyst" to go to war. An event of such magnitude as to awaken us from our slumber. The Leopard-Chesapeake Affair for the War of 1812,the sinking of the USS Maine for the Spanish-American War, the sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmermann Telegram for WWI, Pearl Harbor for WWII, 9-11 for the current war in Iraq, etc. The Boston branch of the Sons of Liberty, led by Sam Adams hoped that the Boston Massacre was going to be the catalyst for the Revolution. It didn't quite make it. The incident may have been instigated by Adams and his group, and the successful defense of the accused British soldiers by Sam's cousin, John Adams helped diffuse the situation. Nevertheless it was the first time that colonial blood had been spilled by British troops and for that fact alone it is certainly noteworthy. The Boston Massacre was outstanding propaganda material for the patriot cause because it allowed all of the colonies to share in the pain, outrage, and fear experienced by the peoples of Boston and Massachusetts.The Sons of Liberty were particularly adept at spreading such propaganda and using it to fan the embers of Revolution.

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The Boston Massacre wasn't really British soldiers firing on innocent colonist, it was a group of drunkards and angry colonists throwing rocks and beer bottles at British soldiers, the colonists had cornered the soldiers and the soldiers fired at the colonists from fear of their lives and killed five of the colonists, Paul Revere caught this moment in a etching and labeled it the "Boston Massacre" thus causing a major uproar throughout the colonies and the Sons of Liberty took advantage of this anger and turned the colonists against the British peoples.

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Q: How did the Boston massacre present a good opportunity for the colonists to use propaganda againist the British?
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Why did the boston massacre present a good opportunity for the colonists to use propaganda against the british?

The Boston Massacre presented a good opportunity for the Colonists to use propaganda against the British because the event would stir the Colonists to action. They made it seem as if the British were unprovoked and opened fire on the residents just for fun. The Colonists used this to show that there was no evil the British would not commit to keep the colonies under firm control.

Why did the colonists call the incident a massacre?

It was propaganda to get more people to dislike the British.

What event that five colonists were killed was used as a propaganda to turn more colonists against the British?

The event was the Boston Massacre.

How was Propaganda used against the American colonists in the Boston Massacre?

for the war ans so we can have freedom

Why was the Boston Massacre a massacre?

Well technically it wasnt a massacre, but it was because the British troops fired and killed 5 colonists. If you look at the picture of the Boston Massacre Paul Revere drew it is propaganda, but is what a massacre looks like.

How did the propaganda of the Boston Massacre greatly influence anti British feelings among the colonies?

The colonists were supposed to be scared.

Why did Samuel Adams make sure all colonists heard about the Boston Massacre?

To use it as propaganda against the British.

Who claimed the Boston massacre to be a massacre?

Paul Revere when he drew a famous peice of propaganda of the event showing the British shooting straight at the "innocent" colonists.

How was the Boston Massacre used as a propaganda to influence public opinions?

The Boston Massacre was merely a feeble shooting. The Colonists usso as to get someed it as propaganda by calling it a Massacre, to make it sound like it was a very serious event. It was to try to make other people angry and join the continental congress

Why would the colonists have referred to the events of March 5 1770 as the Boston Massacre?

Because they wanted to use this event as propaganda to get more colonists to revolt against the British.

How did colonial leaders use the Boston massacre as a propaganda?

The Colonial Leaders used the Boston Massacre as a propaganda by... ?

How did the colonists use the Boston massacre to their advantage?

The Colonial Leaders used the killings as propaganda- information made to influence public opinion.

What were the affects of Samuel Adams calling the event in Boston a Massacre?

is started propaganda that the colonists later used to start the revolutionary war.

Who made the propaganda pictures of the Boston Massacre?

The Boston Massacre was not really a massacre, but more like a riot. The propaganda pictures of the Boston Massacre were engraved by Paul Revere.

Why did colonist name it Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre took place in Boston, MA. It was categorized as a "Massacre" because of propaganda. It was a horrible misfortune for the colonists, along with Crispus Attucks and his family. Who's Crispus Attucks? I can tell you, but that doesn't matter with this question. :)

Why were the colonists and soldiers upset with each other after the Boston massacre?

Actually the things that happened at the Boston Massacre were spun with handbills that used it as propaganda to make the colonists upset. Revere drew the drawing that was handed out showing the British shooting colonists, and in reality other events had happened between the British and colonists were worse than Boston, but they weren't used like Boston was.

Best explains how Samuel Adams was able to use propaganda to turn colonists against the British government?

He exaggerated what happened between the British soldiers and the colonists, calling it a massacre even though the colonists started it and only a few were killed.

How many people involved in Boston massacre?

The Boston Massacre was part of a massive propaganda campaign used by the Patriots to stir up the colonists into getting angry at the British. The Boston Massacre was not so much a massacre, but the accidental shooting of 5 people by British soldiers placed in Boston after the mobs of colonists were hitting the soldiers with rocks and ice. This was an effective way of getting many colonists passionate about war with England. The amount of soldiers involved in the incident is unknown.

What did colonial leader hope to achieve by using the Boston Massacre killing as propaganda?

they used it to show how the British are going to treat the colonists if they dont break away from the king.

What did the colonial leaders hope to achieve by using the Boston Massacre killings as propaganda?

they used it to show how the British are going to treat the colonists if they dont break away from the king.

Why did the colonist described this event as massacre?

the colonists would do anything to get the soldiers out of their colonies and they used propaganda to get the other colonies to go against the soldiers. they claimed it was a massacre so the other colonies would join together to get the soldiers off their land.

Propaganda article of the Boston massacre?

Boston Massacre, riot in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, on March 5, 1770, in which British soldiers fired on a group of unarmed American colonists. The incident was one of the events that led to outbreak of the American Revolution in 1775.

What type of propaganda is the Sinchon Massacre paintings?


What in the Boston Massacre was turned into by Paul Revere?


How did the colonial leaders use the Boston massacre to their advantage?

The Boston massacre allowed the Colonial leaders the opportunity to engage in warfare with the British soldiers. The Boston massacre occurred because the Colonists were protesting the recent Tea Tax. British soldiers fired into the crowd, killing four men.