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By winning the Battle of Britain. Germany did not have a strong navy compared to Britain. They also did not have any specialised transport and landing craft for such an invasion. If they were going to get their troops across they would have to depend on already existing transport craft. In order to do that succasfully they had to have complete control of the skies over the channel in order to protect the slow and unarmed transports. Because they were unable to destroy the British air force it was impossible for them to even try to invade. Michael Montagne

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Q: How did the British defeat the German invasion plan in 1940?
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What lead to Germany's control over France in WWII?

The German invasion and defeat of France in May-June 1940.

How many army casualties did Germany have due to their invasion of Norway in 1940?

The German invasion of Norway in 1940 cost the invaders close to 5,300 casualties. This was more than the British, French and Norwegian forces who suffered just under 5,000 casualties.

Was The Battle of Britain was the all out invasion of the island by German forces?

No, the Battle of Britain was an attempt by the German Luftwaffe to gain air superiority over southern England as one of several preconditions for a possible German invasion. The British RAF successfully defended the skies over England. The Germans did not attempt the invasion for that reason plus several others. The Battle of Britain occured from 9 July to 31 October 1940 as per the British historians, or from mid-August 1940 to the end of May 1941 as per German historians.

When did the Germans invade France?

The German invasion of France in 1939 . Answer: May, 1940.

What year did the Nazis take over Norway?

1940, the German invasion of Norway commenced on the 9th April 1940.

How did Germany's attack on great Britain differ from its earlier European invasions?

After the first operational order for German invasion of the Soviet Union was issued in December 1940, German invasion of Great Britain was postponed indefinitely.

What event came first the German invasion of rhineland or of Poland?

The invasion of the Rhineland came first in 1939 and the Poland came in 1940

When was the German invasion of Belgium?

The German invasion of Belgium started on May 10, 1940 with operations against France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. By May 28, King Leopold III had surrendered.

Who fought in the Battle of Britain in 1940?

The British and German Air Forces fought in the battle of Britain in 1940.

In 1940 the royal air force fights the German air force for control of British air space to try to prevent a German invasion of great Britain Michael caine Trevor Howard and curt jurgens star what'?

Battle Of Britain

What was the German code name for the invasion of Great Britain in World War 2?

The code name for the proposed German invasion of England was Code Name Operation Sealion. Immediately after the defeat of France in June 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered his generals to organize the invasion of Britain. The invasion plan was given the code name Operation Sealion. The objective was to land 160,000 German soldiers along a forty-mile coastal stretch of south-east England. Within a few weeks the Germans had assembled a large armada of vessels, including 2,000 barges in German, Belgian and French harbours. However, Hitler's generals were very worried about the damage that the Royal Air Force could inflict on the German Army during the invasion. Hitler therefore agreed to their request that the invasion should be postponed until the British airforce had been destroyed.

The battle of britain was about what?

Occurring during World War II in 1940, the Battle of Britain was about two things. First, it was about controlling the air-space above the British home-islands. Second, it was about the impending German invasion of those islands: if the Germans could control British air-space, then their invasion could begin.

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