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How did the Chinese invent the computer?

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They didn't. They didn't even invent the abacus (which is only a calculation aid not a computer).

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What didn't the Chinese invent?

The Chinese did not invent space travel or the automobile. The Chinese did not invent pizza or chocolate chip cookies or ice cream.

Did the Chinese invent the toothbrush?

The Chinese did invent the toothbrush. They invented it in the 15th century.

Did Babbage invent the computer?

Yes Babbage did invent the computer

Did the Chinese invent porcelain?

Yes, the Chinese did invent porcelain. It was invented by a man named Tao-Yue.

Why did Philip emeagwali invent the computer?

Philip Emeagwali did not invent the computer

Who was the first person to invent Chinese noodles?

the chinese

Did china invent clocks?

Yes. Chinese did invent the clock

When did Steve Jobs invent the home computer?

He did not invent the home computer. IBM did.

When did the Chinese invent the rudder?

The Chinese built the rudder in 1180

What food did the Chinese invent?

The Chinese people invented pasta.

What did the Chinese didnt invent?

The Chinese did not invent the Tank Atomic Bomb Airplane Printing Press Helicopter Car Submarine

Why did Christopher Sholes invent a computer?

christopher sholes did not invent the computer he invented the typewirter

Why did Alexander graham bell invent the computer?

He didn't invent the computer, he invented the telephone.

Did the Chinese invent the fork?


Did the Chinese invent rice?

no, they cultivated it

Did the Chinese invent rockets?


What didnt the chinese invent?

The dictionary.

Did the Chinese invent bronze?

Yes they did.

Did the Chinese invent matches?


What cloth did the Chinese invent?


Did Chinese invent silk?


Did the Chinese invent paper and the fireworks?

Paper i think was orignally Egyptians and im pretty sure the Chinese di invent fireworks

Did the Romans invent paper?

No the Romans did not invent paper the Chinese invented paper.

Did the Chinese invent paper?

Yes. The Chinese were far ahead in technology.

Who was the first two invent Chinese weapons?

two chinese people