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How did the Christian religion start?

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2015-12-04 20:12:53

When we read the Old Testament we see the beginning of the

nation of Israel.

Down through the centuries God dealt with Israel and formed them

into a people that became his chosen people and God told them many

times that a Messiah would come from them and for them.

In due time a Baby was born to Mary in the town of Bethlehem.

Mary was told that this Baby was the promised Messiah.

In order for you to understand this Messiah that came to earth

2000 years ago you need more background.

God told Mary that this Baby was His Son and that He would not

have a human father, but that God was His Father. (there was no

immoral happenings with the conception of Jesus in Mary's womb)

This Son of God dwelt with God the Father, and God the Holy

Spirit in Heaven. They were all three ONE God but in three persons,

and it was decided in eternity past that God the Son would come

down to earth and be born as a human so that He could "save" humans

from their sin.

When Jesus was born to Mary He became the God/Man because He was

fully God and Fully man.

In due time the Baby grew to manhood and preached the Kingdom to

Come, preformed miracles including raising people from the dead. He

did this to authinicate who He was.

At the time appointed by God Jesus went to the cross on Calvary

just outside the walls of Jeresalem and was crucified. As Jesus was

dying on that cross He took the sins of men upon Himself. After He

died He was put in a tomb and three days later He was risen to life

by God the Father (The Resurrection).

Jesus died for the sins of mankind but in order for you to be

"saved' and go to heaven you have to believe in Jesus Christ and

accept Him into your heart as your Lord, Master and Savior. As you

can see God started His plan for a Messiah to come into the world

in eternity passed. When Jesus died and was Resurrected that was

the beginning of Christianity and all persons of the world are

expected to come to God the Father through Jesus the Son and down

through the centuries many have been called by God to become His

adopted children.

I must add that the time for salvation is coming to a close with

each passing day.

Many believe that that day is very near. please consider Jesus

Christ and ask God to let you understand His plan of salvation. All

you have to do is believe to start this plan of action. 12345

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2015-10-03 23:16:18

Christianity is almost universally believed to have started with

the ministry of Jesus, or immediately following his death around 30

to 33 CE. However, some scholars believe that Christianity really

had quite different origins. For example:

Professor Alvar Ellegard (Jesus One Hundred Years Before

Christ, 1999) believes that the person of Jesus evolved from

the Essene "Teacher of Righteousness" who seems to have lived, if

he lived at all, more than 100 years BCE. G. R. S. Mead (Did

Jesus Live 100 B.C.?, 1903) sees references in the Talmud to

another Jesus, who lived around 100 BCE. He believes that the

parallels between this person in the Talmud and the Christian Jesus

are so strong that the earlier Jesus may have been the template for

the Christian story of Jesus.

Others see Christianity as evolving from Wisdom beliefs of the

time, or other sources.

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