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The Crusaders contributed to the increase of trade by demanding more of the goods found in Asia. This increased demand, in turn, led to yet more trade with the Muslim world. Using what they had learned, such as navigation techniques, Europeans then sought trade with civilizations on other continents. Contacts with Muslim scholars and their preserved greek and roman texts brought the Europeans a wealth of knowledge about medicine, art and government, much of which contributed to the change and learning during the Renaissance.


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The crusades spread death witch lead to the demand of more demand for money so the common man was able to buy more things leading to the Renaissance.

they lead the crusades yes. The crusades were an effort to retake Jerusalem.

each crusade was lead by a different person

The rise of the middle class or the crusades

The order of these historical events were 1) the golden age of Greece, 2) the fall of the Roman empire, 3) crusades, 4) renaissance.

They brought back ancient Roman and Greek texts and the Renaissance is the rebirth of these classical, philisophical ideas.

Crusaders no it was the Renaissance ok I don't know the answer but what I do know is that I tried both of them and neither of them are correct. I agree. I was looking for an answer online and Crusaders and Renaissance were incorrect. Its actually the Crusades! Not the Crusaders. yeah, Crusades is correct.

The Renaissance started when Europe began to change after the crusades. Trade increased greatly in towns began to grow. The change was the background for the Renaissance, which began in Italy, in about 1350. Renaissance is the French word meaning "rebirth."

because of the trade of goods during the renaissance

The crusades fought in many places bringing many desises which included black death

The crusades marked the split in the midieval times, during the crusades, they cause a social change in Europe turning towards the renaissance era. social change includes a diffrent diet, clothing and arcitecture

The crusades brought a sense of unity to Europe and also riches.

The crusaders were exposed to classical Greek and Roman art and ideas while in Constantinople. this led to the rebirth of knowledge also known as the renaissance.

1. What were the Crusades?They were a series of military campaigns.2. Why were the Crusades fought?They were fighting for Jerusalem.3. Who were the participants in the Crusades?The Christians and the Muslims.4. Where did the majority of battles take place?Jerusalem.5. When did the Crusades take place?1095 AD - 1291 AD.6. What was the outcome of the Crusades.Christians lost the military part of it. Europe's Renaissance greatly benefited from all the arts.

Battle of Tours: Charles Martel (the Hammer)

Since the crusades were in the renaissance era, you could go as a renaissance queen, or a renaissance bar maid (Think of the women's costumes at the resistance festival if you have ever been)

The Crusades had, both, positive and negative outcomes on the economy. The Crusades aided in ending feudalism and bringing out the Renaissance. The Crusades pulling in the Knights to fight the wars left Monarchs in power and bringing in new, foreign, items made the merchants grow rich from the new trades.

Two of the four causes that led to the Renaissance are the black plague and the press. The other two causes that led to the Renaissance includes the changes in climate and the new trade routes taken by the crusades.

much information lost in antiquity was kept by the Arabs, the crusades gave Christian Europe access to this data.

it lead to achievements in baking in which

It caused more Africans to be enslaved for work

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