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How did the English treat Native Americans?


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the English treated the native Americans harshly


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No, Columbus did not treat the Native Americans badly. However, it is written in history that his men did treat them badly.

The English treated them harshly. They raped the Indian women and forced the males into slavery.

Colonists should treat the Native Americans with respect and pay for their land.

No. The English spoke English, and the Native Americans spoke various languages native to North America.

Overall, the French were much kinder to the Native Americans than the English or Spanish. While the French tried to convert the Native Americans they did not generally force conversion. The French also generally left the Native Americans to themselves as they saw the Native Americans as allies and trade partners for furs.

colonists should treat the Native Americans with respect and pay for their land

I believe its "Colonists should treat the Native Americans with respect and pay for their land."

the english settlers often angered the native americans by

Th french respected the native Americans with respect and they married their women

The English believed the Native Americans were savage and uncivilized. They believed, along with many Americans, that they should be eradicated.

The mission system didn't treat the Native Americans well. They were beaten, not allowed to practice their traditions, and killed. Many missions have mass graves of Native Americans.

Native Americans used rattlesnake weed to help snake bites.

how did the micmac tribe treat john cabot

The Spanish Conquistadors conquered the Native Americans because they wanted their gold.

The Native Americans were the Pequots they didn't like the English colonist so there was war between the both of them but, the English settlers beat the native Americans badly.

english settlers who celebrated the first thanksgiving with native americans

At first the Native Americans didn't mind the pioneers. But then the pioneers started hunting the buffalo, elk, and deer, which were the Native Americans main source of food.

Andrew Jackson treated native Americans very poorly. He was very against them. How mean. :(

He was pretty nice to the Native Americans( much nicer than the other explorers)

Many French fur trappers lived among the Native Americans. The relationship was good.

He thought the Native Americans were people, not animals. Others treated them ike animals and were rude to them.

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