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Who helped Germany to unify?

America helped Germany to unify the war

What war helped unify Germany?

Franco-Prussian War :))

When did Germany unify as a country?

In 1871 Germany unify as a country

Did Bismark push the German states into the Franco-Prussian war to unify Germany?

Bismark did not push Germany or any of the other states into the Franco-Prussian war. Bismark did want to unify Germany but the southern German states did not want to side with France.

What two wars did otto von Bismarck use to unify Germany?

Franco-Prussian war and the Austro-Prussian war

Did Otto Von Bismarck push the German states into the Franco Prussian War to unify Germany?


What was the 'German question'?

The "German question" refers to the division of Germany into occupation zones after World War II and whether and how to unify or reunify Germany.

Bismarck push the German states into the Franco Prussian War to unify Germany?

c (world history e2020)

Did Otto Von Bismarck push the German states into the Franco-Prussian War to unify Germany?

No, he went to war because he lost a bet.

When did Germany unify into single empire?


What leader's ambitions were exploited to unify Italy and Germany?

what is it

What nation helped unify Germany?

Duke smiffs

Which country led the effort to unify Germany?


What country did Hitler first unify with Germany?


What 3 wars did prussia have to fight to unify Germany?

The Austro-Prussian War (against Austria)and The two Schleswig Wars (against Denmark)

How do you use unfiy in a sentence?

I'm sure you meant to type unify. The country will unify following the civil war. That experience will unify the team.

Which country was opposed to any attempt to unify Germany?


Was innocent iii able to temporarily unify Germany and Italy?


What country did Otto von Bismarck unify?

Germany in 1871.

Why was prussia anxious to go to war with France?

Prussia, led by Otto von Bismarck, was anxious to go to war with France in an effort to unify Germany. The Franco-Prussian war was used to unite the nation states of Germany against a common enemy and show their strength as a unified group.

How did the Crimean war lead to the unification of Germany and Italy?

Russia lost the war against the Ottoman Empire (modern day Turkey) when they allied with France and England. Because Russia was weakened, Italy and Germany had less of a threat from them and were able to unify 6 and 16 yrs after the war had ended.

Who was the Prime Minister of Germany who wanted to unify Germany using military strength?

Otto von Bismarck

An attempt by Nazis to unify Germany and austria in 1934 was blocked by?


Who was the chancellor of Prussia who worked to unify Germany?

Otto Von Bismark

What did otto von bismark succeed in doing in 1871?

Unify germany