World War 2

How did the French public respond to the French involvement in World War 2?

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January 07, 2009 10:34PM

the toll for the first world war is about 9 million dead and about 8 million unvalids. Proportionately, France is the country where the toll is the highest with 1.4 million dead. 17.9% of the French soldiers were killed. 10 % of the active masculine French population, 50% of the peasants are dead. At the verge of the second world war, the French are worried by the growing power of the Nazis. A fortified defence line had been built on the Eastern border with Germany. French people have confidence in their army. Strategic thinking, tactical decisions and military theories are outdated. French people are not as confident as in 1914 - they remember the ordeal of French soldiers - but think Hitler will not be bold enough to declare war with France and the United Kingdom.

They are proved wrong by the "BlitzKrieg".

Despite the heroic defence during the "bataille de France" and the "bataille de Dunkerque" where the French protect English soldiers reimbarking for England, the battle is lost. The death toll for the French military rises to 100,000 during this 6-week period.