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How did the Great Compromise establish the legislative body?

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The Great Compromise took the ideas of the Virginia Plan (large state plan) and the New Jersey Plan (small state plan) and created a two house legislature (bi-cameral). The Senate would be made up of equal number of senators from each state, selected by the state legislatures. The House of Representatives would be elected by the people in each district and state, and based upon population representation. The more people living in the state, the more representatives the state would have. But even small states would be equally represented with the large states in the Senate. A bill would have to be approved by both houses before it became law. And only the House (the most representative of the people) could initiate money bills.

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What question was resolved with the Great Compromise?

How should states be represented in the legislative body?

What settled the disagreement over the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan?

The Connecticut Compromise, also known as the great compromise, utilized both plans in a bicameral legislative body.

What issuse did the great compromise address?

The Great Compromise addressed the issue of representation in the legislature. New Jersey favored a set number of representatives regardless of population. Virginia favored a population based system. The Great Compromise established a two body Legislative Branch of Federal government.

What dispute did the great compromise resolve duting the constitutional convention?

Also known as the Connecticut compromise, the dispute was over the legislative bodies being proposed. The smaller states feared marginalization from the larger states in a legislative body consisting of elected officials proportioned amongst the state. The compromise was the creation of a bicameral legislative body with an upper and lower body. It also settled representation in Congress.The Great Compromise involved representation in Congress.Representation of the states of congress.Because they wanted to.Apex question, copyright violationnot rewritten; niche appears to have many similar questions

What is the main legislative body in great britain?

The main legislative body in Great Britain is the House of Commons.

What was the legislative body of great Britain?

The parliament.

What is Great Britain's legislative body called?


What is the legislative body in Great Britain?


Why was the great compromise significant?

The Great Compromise was significant in that it established how our legislature is set up to this day. Originally it was intended to be one body, but large states like Virginia wanted representation based on population, whereas smaller states like New Jersey wanted representation based on the same number of delegates, regardless of population. The Great Compromise proposed having both, setting up our legislative bodies.

What is the supreme legislative body of government in Great Britain?

The Parliament.

What is the legislative body in great Britain today called?


Why does each state in the US have 2 US senators?

The Constitution of the United States provides for a bicameral legislative body to ensure an equality of representation among the states. If there was just a single legislative body, in the interest of freedom and sovereignty of the states that legislative body would be elected according to population and a state with more people than another will elect more representative to the Congress. This gave the smaller states a reasonable concern and during the Constitutional Convention where the Constitution was written, there were many suggestions as to how to appease the smaller states but it was ultimately the "great compromise" also known as the Connecticut compromise where an agreement was reached and the bicameral legislative bodies of both the House of Representatives and Senators became what is now called Congress.

Which legislative body voted to break away from Great Britain?

seCond contInatinal conGresS

What legislative body is based on population?

What legislative body is based on population?

What is the name of China's legislative body?

It' legislative body is called the Yuan

Explain the difference between bicameral and a unicameral legislative body?

Bicameral legislative body: has two branches or chambers Unicameral legislative body: has a single legislative branch/chamber

What the main body in the legislative branch?

Congress is the main body in the Legislative Branch.

The difference between a bicameral and a unicameral legislative body?

The Bicameral is a legislative body composed of two chambers. The Unicameral is a legislative body with one chamber.

What is the main legislative body in Brazil called?

What is the main legislative body called in Brazil?

What is the main legislative body called in the United Kingdom?

The main legislative body is Parliament.

What is the main legislative body of Venezuela?

The main legislative body of Venezuela is National Ammbely.

What type of government has an elected legislative body?

Democratic government has an elected legislative body.

Does the Declaration of Independence have any legislative power?

No, it is a document declaring the 13 Colonies from Great Britain. Legislative power has to come from a living body - the elected officials of Congress.

Which colonial legislative body adopted a declaration that led to a break with Great Britain?

Second Continental Congress

What is the legislative body of Virgina called?

The main Virginian legislative body is called the House of Burgess.