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The Great Depression

How did the Great Depression affect Americans?


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The Americans had nothing to trade with the other countries in result other countries could't trade the items that Americans to get what they needed.


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The Great Depression affected all the Americans.

What did some americans question during the great depression?

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many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression

About 12 million Americans died as a result of the Great Depression.

The Great depression effected Urban and rural communities because the prices got raised, unemployment, droughts and high taxes. Most countries in the world got effected by The Great Depression, but Japan Did not get effected strongly. The Great Depression lasted about ten years. My Grandpa was in the great depression, and yours too! (Unless your Grandpa is thirty-years old!)

The great depression affected adults because they lost their jobs and money

There are many Americans who were alive during the depression.

the homeless rate during the great depression was nearly 25 percent of Americans.

Americans turned to the government for aid in the great depression because many people didnt have jobs, and were going poor and hungry.

people who dont know how to spell Americans!

migrant workers in the great depression where mostly latinos, asian chines people and african americans

Surprisingly, it was the opposite of what you might think. World War II created thousands of jobs for Americans and lots of business opportunities, so the Great Depression was actually ended by the war.

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the unequal distribution of income affected the great depression because while the rich got richer the poor become poorer. This gave an unbalanced economy in the united states. 80% of Americans had no savings at all.

The Great Depression and World War II hampered asset growth in mutual funds

Hoover was alive during the great depression. He was rich enough that it did not personally affect his way of life.

He did nothing about it to be honest...

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