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The Great Depression

How did the Great Depression affect people and families?

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The Great Depression ruined people's fortunes. Many couples delayed marriage because the divorce rate dropped sharply. Many rich people felt no impact at all, and were oblivious to the suffering of others.

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How did the Great Depression affect families of all socioeconomic levels?

The great depression made families poor. Th impact on all of them were very hard

How did the Great Depression affect people?

The Great Depression affected people that were poor, more than those who were wealthy. Families suffered from loss of income, job layoffs and women and children had to work also.

What was the turning point in the Great Depression?

The turning point of the Great Depression is when people had no where to live and support their families.

How did people react to the Great Depression?

People were affected by the Great Depression by that some committed suicide and some men abandoned their families.

How did unemployment during the Great Depression affect lives of American workers?

The Great Depression was a horid time many people were sick and starving, people died...families got split apart it was total destruction to the human race

What did people do if they lost their jobs in the Great Depression?

they tried to keep there families safe or they would go live with their families

During the Great Depression, many families received food from?

breadlines. (: --novanet--

How did the Great Depression affect the middle class?

The Great Depression caused middle class families to lose their homes and possessions. They would have likely lost jobs that allowed them to have their homes and possessions.

What were longterm effects on families during the Great Depression in the 1930s?

The longterm effects on families during the Great Depression was that people took a while to get back on their feet, and many families were homeless because of the job loss and some had family members who had committed suicide.

How did the great depression affect the balance of the family unit?

Some families were broken up for the lack of money, and the constant fighting for it.

How did the great depression affect people living on the east and west coasts?

fat people

How did American families live during the great depression?

many people died and lost their homes

Who did the Great Depression affect?

The Great Depression affected all the Americans.

How did the Great Depression affect Belize?

how did the great depression affected Belize

How did the Great Depression affect the Germans?

The great depression made money worth nothing it was difficult for families to buy food. Money was just garbage the stock levels droped in a very dramatic way

How did the Great Depression affect American families?

The Great Depression in the 1930s affected American families in many ways. Some of these ways include the unemployment rate rising to 25%. Many couples put off marriage, and some men walked out on their families completely as they couldn't cope without having jobs.

Did the great depression affect the world?

Yes it did. The depression was a very harsh time for people all over the world.

How did the great depression affect health?

people dint have a lot of money for there heath

Did the Great Depression affect everyone?

Almost. Rich people, not so much.

How did the great depression affect the mental outlook of people?

how can u not know d answer

How did movies affect people during Great Depression?

Many people were cheered up by movies during the Great Depression; movies served to take their minds off their problems.

How did the Great Depression affect John Steinbeck?

He wanted people to know what was really going on during the Great Depression without having to edit anything.

Did the Great Depression hardship strengthen or weaken family bonds?

In my opinion I think Yes the Great Depression hardship strengthened the families bond because families idk

How did the Great depression affect people in ww1?

it was hitler i am hitler Correction: In the 1st ww, the depression did not exist. It came in 1929.

How did the Great Depression affect fashion?

no because the people did not dress according to the sound of the music.

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