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How did the Holocaust affect people's faith?

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Some people doubted God. Some lost their faith. Others thought that it was a test from God and that they needed to pass it. during the Holocaust itself, it caused confusion for some since they had no idea what day it was and they were not able to know when the religious times were. They had to guess and estimate.


A lot of Jews didn't lose their faith. Even in the worst times in the ghettos and death camps, many kept on fufilling the Torah's commands. It is well-known that they sang a song of Jewish belief even when being marched to their imminent death.

Some saw in the Holocaust the striking fulfillment of Torah-verses (see for example Deuteronomy ch.32).

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How did the holocaust affect peoples human rights?

It violated their right of life,faith,love,their right to have human rights

How the Holocaust affect the Jewish faith?

it made them think wether they had a god and to mate together

How do pilgrimages affect peoples lives?

Brings them closer to god, increases there faith and gives them new friends :)

For how long were peoples lives affected by the Holocaust?

peoples lives were affected for a long time after the holocaust including the families of those that had died.

How did the Holocaust affect the world today?

The holocaust affected the world today by eliminating many peoples families. Also, it shows just how hateful the world can be for no reason other than what you look like.

How did the Holocaust change peoples lives?

It Changed Peoples lives because there were so many deaths in the holocaust of innocent peole. they were killed for what they belive in.

Why did Hitler affect the Holocuast?

Hitler didn't just affect the Holocaust, he was the Holocaust.

How did the prisoners selected to go to the holocaust?

they were selected by their faith, or the faith of their parents/grandparents.

What religon most perished in the holocaust?

People of the Jewish faith died in the Holocaust. But the religion did not perish.

How were people affected negatively by the Holocaust?

Over 6 million Jews and other peoples were killed and I think that would negatively affect anyone. This does not even include all the friends and family of the people killed that were negatively affected by the holocaust.

Which group of people did the Holocaust affect?

The Jews were effected by the Holocaust

What were peoples experiences during the Holocaust?

You could never imagine

How did Corrie ten Boom's faith get stronger through the Holocaust?

She realized God was with her and her family during the Holocaust.

Did Jews' belief in God affect the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was about "race", not religion. The Nazis were not interested in the Jewish faith and didn't know much about it ...With very few exceptions, Jews do not believe that they were religious martyrs who "died for their faith".Obviously, if one takes a very long term view, one can say that the Jews had been demonized over the centuries because of their religion. However, the Holocaust was not about religion.

How did the Holocaust affect people?

The holocaust affected people by not trusting anyone

What are the death theorys of the Holocaust?

As this is not in a religious or spiritual category i assume that you do not mean the theories of whether a person of faith dies a better death than that of a person who has no faith. Or whether the Holocaust was the will of God.

How does the Holocaust challenge Jewish faith?

The holocaust degraded the jews, so it was a challange to the jewish faith. Either the jew will hold on to thier faith stronger because they want salvation from God. Or a Jew might get angry at God, he blames god for the pain he is in!

How did the Holocaust affect the outcome of the war?

The Holocaust had no effect on the outcome of World War 2.

What was the main effect of the holocaust?

The main affect of the holocaust was Jews being burned alive

How did pearl harbor effect the holocaust?

Pearl Harbor did not affect, or even have anything to do with the Holocaust.

How many people have died for there faith and what are their names?

think about the holocaust, genius

What was the job of the allies during the Holocaust?

to liberate people of the Jewish faith

What sorts of things the holocaust destroy?

the will to live, faith and especially hope

What social and economic problems were there to make peoples lives harder in Germany?

The Holocaust

Why would a Jewish person give up their faith after the Holocaust?

It is really hard to believe in a loving God after something as horrible as the Holocaust.