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How did the Inca build and govern their empire?


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By communicating with other tribes

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The Incas used stones to build their empire.

The Inca were very efficient in their management of the empire. They built roads on which messengers would run with messages to provinces. It is likely that hundreds of these messengers were on the roads at any given time.

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It is many centuries ago. Certainly that I did not live yet.

they used terraced building carved into rocks

The Inca Empire was conquered in 1533.

Inca Empire was created in 1438.

The Inca rule was for 2437 years 900BCE-1537AD

The heart of the Inca empire was their capital of Cuzco

Cuzco was the capital of the Inca Empire!!!!!!

The capital of the Inca Empire is CuzcoCusco.

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Who were the priests and nobels of the inca empire?

yes. No. Sapa Inca was the title of the Emperor or Ruler of the Incan Empire, not the name of the actual empire.

The Inca empire was based in what is now known as Peru. The Inca empire was in the Pre Colombian civilization.

the Inca empire ended in 1533 AD well that was when Inca stopped being successful

The capital city of Inca empire is Cuzco. = w =

How were the inca to conquer such a vast empire

Spanish took control of the Inca empire

They govern their empire by using their absolute power.

Cuzco was the capital of the Inca Empire (1200s-1532)Cuzco

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