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AnswerThey used a system call terrasing, it takes advantage of the ground around a hill or a mountain by creating flat surfaces in which they could plant and grow crops. They probably traded in with other groups around the same area in open markets kind of the same way they still do to this day.they had sects
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Q: How did the Inca trade with other tribes?
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Who did the Inca trade with and what did they trade?

The Inca traded with nearby tribes, and with the settlers. They went as far north as the United States and as far south as Chile in South America. They did not trade with money, and they were not literate.

Who did the Inca civilatoin trade with?

as far as i know, no one

What was the Inca relations with other tribes?

I'm not really sure....

How did the Inca build and govern their empire?

By communicating with other tribes

Did the kiowa tribe trade with other tribes?

yes they traded buffalo with other tribes

How did the Inca trade with other tribe's?

They rode on allpacas.

What did the Cheyenne Tribes trade with other tribes?

they traded there tools for pots

Did the mayans trade with other tribes?

Yes they did Trade with others

How did the Inca method of conquering other tribes differ from the Aztec method?

i love johnny oh Aztec conquered by spy and Inca slowly.

Whodid the Inca's trade with and what did the Inca's trade?

The Inca's crops,flowers and textiles with peoples from neighbouring provinces.

What was it called when tribes would trade goods with other tribes?

bartering or trading.

What did the karankawa trade to other tribes?


Did the micmac trade with other tribes?

yes they did

What happened to the ancient Inca tribes?

The ancient Inca tribes fought the Spanish Spaniards and lost. The leader of the Spaniards was Francisco Pizarro.

Where was Inca trading done?

THey traded with other n. a. tribes such as the maya, anasazi, and the mount builders.

How did Inca trade and tribute differ from other civilizations?

it was fast and controlled

What determined the types of goods and crops that an Inca community would produce and trade with other Inca communities?

The area in which they lived determined the types of goods and crops that an Inca community would produce and trade with other Inca communities. The Inca that lived in the valleys produced cotton, beans, corn, peppers and peanuts. The mountainous communities traded quinta, cocoa, potatoes and animal products.

Did the apalachee Indians trade with other tribes?


What did the chumash Indians trade?

They would trade metal, knives, fish, and other things other tribes couldn't get.

Did the Inuit trade with other tribes?

The Inuit did trade with other tribes. They traded fur, meat, dolls, guns, sleds, fish, and food. They trade because it improved how they lived. The Inuit also traded their technology/tools.

What do Pomo Indians trade with other tribes?

They traded poo.

How did the Anasazi economic system work?

The Anasazi's trade system was kind of like the Inca's. ... When they wanted or needed something a merchant would walk up to another tribe and offer them a trade. The Anasazi didn't have a type of currency, but they traded things for goods. They mostly traded pottery with other tribes.

What did the Shoshone trade with the other Indians?

the shoshone traded with other tribes to meat their needs

What tribes live in the Andes?

The tribes that lived in the Andes mountains in the past were the Inca and Chibcha. The tribes that live there now are the Aymara and Quechua.

Did gabrielinos trade with other tribes?

Yes, they traded stones and shells.