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They felt "entitled" to the islands of the Pacific. They were doing it to increase the land that they controlled.

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What was used to justify the US fighting the Japanese and Germans during world war 2?

The US used the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to justify declaring war on Japan and then Germany declared war on the US.

Was the Japanese prime minister Tojo in favor of attacking the US?

Yes, Prime Minister Tojo was in favor of attacking the United States.

What if the Japanese didn't attacked Pearl Harbor?

If the Japanese did not attacked Pearl Harbor the United States will forgive Japan. The Japanese shouldn't be attacking Pearl Harbor. The United States will not attack Japan if the Japanese leave Pearl Harbor alone without attacking the US.

What did the US do to the Japanese to make them bomb pearl harbor?

Nothing, really. The Japanese were attacking China, and were mad that we were offering The Chinese aid.

How did Japanese justify such an attack?


Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor show both views?

The Japanese needed to neutralize the US by attacking Pearl Harbor so that they could expand Japanese interests in the Pacific .

Why was the battle of Coral sea a victory for the US?

They drove off the Japanese from attacking a country on the coral sea

Where in the US began World War 2?

In Pearl Harbor, from the Japanese attacking us. Unless I'm thinking of WWI, that's right.

Why were the japanese attacking australia?

Because we were at war with them

What was the Japanese approach on attacking Pearl Harbor?

Eliminate the US Battle Fleet at Pearl Harbor with ONE swift stroke.

What did the US do to get back at the Japanese for attacking Hawaii?

America retaliated and dropped 3 bombs, I think it was three. And entered the war.

Did the attack of Pearl Harbor was planned by US to justify their entrance to World War 2?

Absolutely not. The Japanese acted of their own accord.

Why did Japanese plan on attacking the aleutian islands?

The Japanese planned on attacking the Aleutian Islands to combat the "island hopping" strategy that Douglas MacArthur was using in the Pacific Ocean.

What goals for World War 2 did the US have?

Revenge for Pearl Harbor and to stop the Japanese from their goal of attacking the US. To assist European allies of the US in stopping Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

What does pearl harbor do with World war 2?

It started it, for the US. First sign of Japanese attacking USA. BIGGEST reason behind the internment camps of Japanese Canadians/ Americans in N.A

In what way did the US attack Japan after Pearl Harbor?

The first published attack was the Doolittle Tokyo Raid, but US Navy submarines were attacking Japanese shipping before that.

What did the Japanese want to achieve by attacking pearl harbor?

They wanted to cripple the US fleet so they could not be stopped in their expansion and conquest of Asia.

What strategy did the US use fighting the Japanese in the pacific?

"Island Hopping" was a strategy of attacking one island at a time and get closer to mainland Japan.

How many American soldiers died attacking the Japanese in Pearl Harbor?

None. The Japanese attacked the Americans.

How did tyhe Americans try to stand up for the Japanese durin Pearl Harbor?

US ground crews fired back at the attacking airplanes; US Airmen took off in their airplanes and engaged Japanese airplanes in aerial combat (dog-fights).

Why are honey bees becoming extinct?

I think honeybees are becoming extinct because the Japanese hornet keeps attacking them because last time I think someone told me about Japanese hornets attacking honeybees.

What was the Japanese rationale for attacking the US Naval Base in Hawaii?

It was hoped that by dealing a major blow to the US Pacific Fleet, the US would not be able to interfere with Japanese plans to become self sufficient by taking over a large part of the Dutch, French and English colonial empires in Asia.

When did the Japanese formally declare war during Pearl Harbor?

they didnt, we declared war on them for attacking us. they "provoked" us to declare war, though we provoked them first by taking away their oil

Why did the attack on Pearl Harborhappen?

The attack on Pear Harbour happened because the Japanese thought that the Americans was planning on attacking the Japanese.

Who led the troops to Iwo Jima?

US Marine General Holland "Howlin Mad" Smith led attacking US forces whereas General Tadamichi Kuribayashiled the Japanese defenders on the island .