How did the Japanese torture Singapore?

I got a better answer.I'm Singaporean and learning History in school and currently learning about this.There are a lot of torture ways,I'll list them out for you,I don't know everything but I'll list what I know =)

1) Stuffs a hose into a person's mouth then fill the person's stomach with water till it's bloated then jump on the stomach and the stomach bursts then the intestines and internal organs flies out.Creepy right!

2) They place some mice under a metal cover on your stomach then heat it and then when it's hot then the mice will start to scratch the person's stomach until it's full of wholes and won't stop till they find a way out or when the Japanese stops.Eew

3) They hang you onto something I don't know what then place a growing bamboo under you and wait for it to grow until it pierces through your whole body 0.0

4 ) This one a little bit disgusting.They use a certain kind of nail clipper to pluck off your nails.Then when it's pluck off it bleeds right? After that they sprinkle salt and vinegar on the wound...OMG then it will start to get infected and rot but the worse is that after every 3 or 4 days they will come back and sprinkle some more till the fingers rot away...

There's still a lot,like raping and if you come past a Japanese soldier and don't greet them then off you go to heaven.If you're not Singaporean I suggest you come to Singapore and learn about our history,its interesting and the place here is very nice =)