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How did the Jews become slaves in Egypt?

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There was a famine in Canaan (Israel) so Jacob went down to Egypt.

After some time (about 200 years) the amount of Jews increased until Paroh (the Egyptian king) worried that the Jews would join his enemy's, so he decided to enslave the Jews so there numbers would not grow.

Then G-D got involved.

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Were Jews slaves in Egypt?

Yes the Jews were slaves in Egypt for two centuries.

How did jews become slaves to Egypt for 400 years?

they are work hard until they died.

What did the Jews eat in Egypt as slaves?

There is no evidence to prove that the Jews were ever slaves in Ancient Egypt. Jus' saying.

What were most of the slaves in Egypt?


What happened to the Jews in Egypt?

The Jews were under the Pharaoh in Egypt as slaves for years.And Moses freed them in the end.

What year did the Jews become slaves in Egypt?

According to Jewish chronology, the slavery began in (or around) 2350 BCE.

What is the Jewish passover?

Jews celebrate passover to remember the time that they were slaves in Egypt. During passover, Jews all over the world re-tell the story of how Jews were slaves in Egypt and how they were freed.

When the Pharaoh took control in Egypt the Jews became...?

The Jews became slaves.

When and how did the Jews become slaves in Egypt?

After the death of Joseph about 400 yrs. before birth of Moses. There rose a pharoh 'who knew not Joseph

How long Israel become slaves in Egypt?

The Israelites were slaves in Egypt for roughly 400 years .

How many years were Jews slaves in Egypt?


What did the pharaoh do after the Hebrews came to Egypt?

The Pharaoh ruled over the people of Egypt, and the Jews were slaves.

Was Moses mother a slave?

The Jews were slaves in the land of Egypt for decades. So both his father and mother were slaves.

What were Hebrew slaves?

The Hebrew slaves were those Israelites who were enslaved by Pharaoh in Egypt 3400 years ago as described in Exodus ch.1. See also:Evidence and details of the Exodus from Egypt

What does the Jewish Seder meal represent?

The exodus of the Jews from Egypt. It signifies going from the slaves of Egypt to free men.

Why was the Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew that Moses kill?

The Jews were slaves in Egypt, so they did as they pleased.

Did Jewish people build the Egyptians pyramids?

no, when the Jews were slaves in Egypt they built storage cities

In your opinion why did the pharaoh make the Hebrews slaves?

Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt. There is no record of such thing beyond a book of bias written by the Jews.

What city did the Hebrews become slaves?

The Torah doesn't mention a specific city, only that they were slaves in the country of Egypt.

How long after joseph died did the hebrews become slaves in egypt?

22 years.

Why there are no slaves in ancient Egypt?

there were slaves in ancient egypt

Why were the Jews slaves?

The Jews were enslaved by Pharaoh in Egypt thousands of years ago. They were slaves because the Pharaoh feared they might try to rebel against his nation if they had the chance. Therefore, he eliminated the slim possibility by enslaving them.

Who brought the Jews out of Egypt and gave them Gods law?

Moses got the Hebrew slaves Fred from the Egyptian Pharaoh.

What year did slaves become common in Egypt?

From about 1500BC in an era known as the New Kingdom

Why were the Jews sent to the desert in the bible?

The Jews used to be slaves in Egypt, but God freed them. They were told to head into the desert where God would lead them towards the promised land.