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Many Korean troops tried to eacape into Germany after the Korean war (25th June 1950) Both Koerans and German's joined forces to create a new army.

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Q: How did the Korean War affect the United States and Russia?
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How did Korean war affect the relationship between Korea and us?

The Korean war did affect the relationship between Korea and the United States as it resulted in the improvements in the racial relations within the US.

How did Stalin's death affect the Korean war?

While Stalin's death and the "end" of the Korean war both happened in 1953, the two events are not strongly related. The Korean war was between the South Koreans acting as an agent of the United States and the North Koreans acting as an agent of The Peoples Republic of China. Russia had no role.

What countries did the Nazis affect during World War 2?

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How did the involvement of communist China affect the course of Korean War?

ill give you a hint. russia

How did the Korean War affect the US and Russia?

The Korean War was fought between the Russians (Soviets) and the US; using North & South Koreans, and free world troops, and using the peninsula of Korea (the country of Korea) as a battleground. The Soviet Union and United States TESTED there equipment against each other. Korea was a testing ground between the US & Soviets.

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How did the result of the Korean War affect South Korea?

Apex...It ended the spread of Communism.It returned Seoul to the North Korean government.It showed that America could easily defeat weak nations.It showed the United States was committed to containing Communism. It showed the United States was committed to containing Communism.(APEX) a won the war on June 17, 1953, they killed all of the other enimies

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