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The Korean was was considered the young cold war conflict. It became a part of the cold war when Stalin sent supplies to the Korean area. This involvement coined the name.


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The Korean War was one conflict in the larger Cold War

Yes, it was the first military conflict of the Cold War.

The Korean War was an active conflict while the Cold War was more of a standoff between global powers

Both the Korean War and the Cold War were at issue with Communist expansion. The only one not at issue with Communism is the Afghanistan conflict.

Korean Conflict because congress never officially declared war on Korea.

The Korean War was part of the Cold War.

Well the conflict is the war itself.

The Korean War was an active conflict while the Cold War was more of a standoff between global powers

No. The cold war was a longer-term conflict than the Korean War. The Cold War refers to long-term conflict and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union. While the two superpowers did not typically engage in direct battles, there were a number of wars/armed conflicts where the two superpowers supported opposing sides. The Korean War is an example of one such conflict, where the Soviet Union supported North Korea and the United States supported South Korea.

The Korean war was the first hot war in the cold war.

They came at the same time. The Korean War began the cold war, while the Cold War continued.

The major cold war conflict in 1950s was the Korean War which started in 1950. The reason behind it was attack on south Korea by North which was aided by Soviet Union and China. This prompted USA to get involved.

The Korean War related to the Cold War because it both had fighting habits.

No, the Korean war was not technically part of the cold war but it was a front for the Americans and the Russians to compete in.

Hot battle of the cold war.

not sure of your question, but the Korean war was clasified as a POLICE ACTION

The major conflict during the 1950's was the korean war. it devasted both south and north korea. The U.S had an econmic growth which was good.

The Korean Conflict was a major part of the Cold War. It was one of the largest clashes between communism and the western world, and it ended in a stalemate. Strangely, although the Cold War has ended, Korea remains divided as it was when the Cold War began.

The Korean war was part of the Cold War do to its conflict over what type of government the country should have. This was very impotent to both the USA and the USSR because both wanted to spread the type of government they have to countries that were beginning to take shape like Vietnam.

There were two Chinas during the cold war: Red China & Nationalist China. Which China?

The Korean War (1950 - 1953) was the first major military conflict of the Cold War, and it confirmed to the US that the USSR was their enemy. This hostility lasted until the fall of communism in 1990.

WW2-created the atomic age; which in turn created the cold war; which in turn created the Korean and Vietnam Wars; which in turn created todays world.

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