The Louisiana Purchase

How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the United States?


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The biggest effect the Louisiana Purchase had on the United States was the change in the size of the country. The Louisiana Territory more than doubled the size of the country. In addition, the Louisiana Purchase forced Spain and France out of the land now defined as the United States, confining their North American territories to Mexico and Canada, respectively.


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The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States.doubleA+ double

The Louisiana Purchase dramatically increased both the national debt and the size of the United States.

Purchase of land has consistently increased the size of the United States. In particular, the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 doubled the total territory of the United States.

The Louisiana Purchase increased the area of the United States by over 800,000 miles. All or parts of 14 states resulted from the purchase over the next 100 years.

Answer this question It gave the United States resources that would help it in conflicts with other nations…

The Louisiana Purchase provided the government with the ability to prevent France and Spain from blocking trade opportunities. The additional land that was obtained through this purchase provided the United States to supply much of the produce that was needed by the citizens.

It gave the United States resources that would help it in conflicts with other nations.

It settled which of the territories acquired in the Louisiana Purchase would be allowed to enter the USA as slave-states, and which would not.

The treaty allowed the United States to purchase the territory from Mexico.

How about reading the book then you will be able to answer it.

The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 nearly doubled the size of the territory controlled by the US in North America. It represents 23% of the current total area of the US, and 27% of the area of the contiguous 48 states.

the Louisiana purchase affected the nations economy by being able to trade with the native Americans that lived there.

The Louisiana Purchase played an important role in the westward expansion it was the beginning of the convergence of multi-cultural frontiers.

because they had way more cochies

Without the louisiana purchase, we would not have the west coast today. We would still only control half of the U.S.

we had to start paying the taxes at the stores

wel the lousiana purchase affected texas beacuse it made the U.S. bigger

They arranged the purchase The Louisiana Territory.

This acquisition greatly increased the size of the United States and opened up the Mississippi-Missouri River system for the US forever.

Britain's war with France meant Napoleon needed money.

The United States began to concentrate on expanding outside the continent.

Because Napoleon needed money to continue the war in Europe, the Louisiana Purchase was sold to the US for $15 million.

Initially the Louisiana Purchase had no affect on Native Americans. It should be noted that the Purchase covered a huge region. In 1803 the United States was busy with its main territories east of the Mississippi. Later, however, this new US territory would become an area that would attract new American settlers. Ultimately, this led to conflicts between Native Americans who owned the land and the new American settlers. They became violent conflicts which led to disaster for many Native Americans. They were killed and /or eventually forced to live on "Reservations".

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