How did the Marshall Plan help Europe and the US?

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The Marshall Plan was a massive plan to aid in rebuilding Europe after World War II. Western allied nations, as well as neutral nations, and even the Soviet Union were offered economic assistance. The Soviet Union saw this as a threat to their attempt to gain influence in Europe and Asia. The money provided to the European nations enabled them to restore their economies from the ravages of W W II. With unemployment decreasing, more money was spent on goods and services which aided the economy. The nations that owed the US money were able to start paying the debts down and the US began to sell products again to Europe.
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How did the Marshall Plan help Ireland?

The old wooden viaduct connecting Fenit Harbour to the mainland was replaced with a ferro-concrete structure. This is unconfirmed but firmly believed locally. Any other details would be greatly appreciated. MOC

Did the Marshall Plan Help Germany as well?

Answer . Britain and France were the main beneficiaries of the Marshall plan, receiving $3.6 billion and $2.2 billion respectively. West Germany received $1.4 billion.

How does Europe help the US economy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nMostly through massive trade, exchange of ideas and investments. Europeans vigorously invest in American business, pucharse a lot of American products, hold US dollar reserves and sell many goods and services to the US. European businesses have large-scale opertations in t ( Full Answer )

What did the marshall plan do?

The Marshall Plan helped rebuild the cities and economies of Europe after the devastation of World War II. Along with the establishment of NATO, it assisted the restoration of a stable political structure on the continent. The Marshall plan was intended to help the European economies recover and thu ( Full Answer )

What is the Marshal Plan?

the Marshal Plan was a program organized by US Secretary of StateGeorge Marshall to facilitate the economic recovery of Europe afterWorld War II since so much industry and infrastructure had beendestroyed in the war. The Plan went into effect in 1948. 1. rebuild the European industrial complex 2. s ( Full Answer )

What was the Marshal Plan?

On 12th March, 1947, Harry S. Truman , announced details to Congress of what eventually became known as the Truman Doctrine . In his speech he pledged American support for "free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures". This speech also included ( Full Answer )

How did Containment and the Marshall Plan help define the second half of the 20th century?

The containment policy (its target: the worldwide containment, andblocking of the further spread, of Communism) led to first theKorean War and later, the Vietnam War. It was also a major drivingforce for the 'cold war' between the US and Russia that lasteduntil 1989. In the Third World, it led to of ( Full Answer )

The Marshall Plan was introduced in Europe before or after World World 2?

Marshall Plan On 5 June 1947, Secretary of State George C. Marshall proposed a program in which the US would invest vast sums of money in the economic reconstruction of Europe. Not only would former allies be included, but defeated Germany and even neutral nations would be eligible for aid. The Sov ( Full Answer )

What countries did the Marshall Plan help?

In order of most money received: . Great Britain . France . Italy . West Germany . Netherlands . Greece . Austria . Belgium . Denmark . Norway . Turkey . Ireland . Yugoslavia . Sweden . Portugal . Iceland All these countries remained democratic, apart from Yugoslavia, which was ( Full Answer )

Describe the commitment of the US to rebuild Europe as part of the marshall plan?

The Marshall Plan had several goals. First and foremost was torebuild Europe as quickly as possible to encourage politicalstability. It was also a humanitarian effort, providing food andhelping to rebuild housing. This was to show the populace thatDemocracy was a better form of government than Commu ( Full Answer )

How did the Marshall Plan benefit post-World War 2 Western Europe?

The Marshall Plan provided Western Europe with much needed aid torebuild and repair the damage done by World War 2. It wasespecially designed to get Europe's economy and industry back onits feet after it was completely destroyed during the war.

Why did the US make the Marshall Plan?

The Marshall Plan was an initiative to rebuild European economieswith American economic support after the devastating World War IIhad ended. The main goal was to prevent the spread of SovietCommunism into Western Europe.

How did the Marshall Plan help Western Europe?

The Marshall Plan was a plan designed by the United States to help rebuild Europe after World War II. The US would provide money for many European countries involved in WWI and even some countries that officially remained neutral. The amount given to a country differed on severity of damage caused b ( Full Answer )

How did marshall plan help europe?

Marshall Plan started in April of 1948. The country received around13 billion dollars in US food and supplies. The plan helped torebuild war-torn Europe.

What is Obama's plan to help the US?

barack plan on helping the U.S by making a change in life and letting the citizens of the united states know that they have the right to speak their minds and to have the freedom of speech to say what they have to say to the people who don't to make a change in the 2008 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. VOT ( Full Answer )

Why did the US set up the marshall plan?

Because at the end of the Second World War, Europe was destroyed, and a risk existed of losing their territories to the URSS, because of the hunger and unemployment of European citizens; so it was urgent to rebuild the European economy, and the production of goods and services to satisfy the needs o ( Full Answer )

How did the marshall plan help modern Europe?

The Marshall Plan was a brilliant idea that probably saved Europe from a series of Communist takeovers! You have to understand that after WW2 Europe was completely and I mean completely shattered! Only the neutrals such as Switzerland and Spain escaped the devastation of the war. For example, two ( Full Answer )

What was the Marshall Plan?

The Marshall plan was the US program of economic aid to European countries to help them rebuild after WW 2.

Why did Great Britain and France get the most help from the US Marshall Plan?

Great Britain got the most money from the Marshall Plan ($3176 million (US)). They received this because the USA and the UK were strong allies and both had a hatred for communism, evident in the Truman Doctrine and Winston Churchill's 'Iron Curtain' speeches. France and Italy also received large am ( Full Answer )

How did the Marshall Plan affect communism in Western Europe?

After World War II, much of Europe was suffering from dire economic conditions. In March 1947, President Truman announced the Truman Doctrine, which promised U.S. support to any country refusing to submit to an authoritarian regime. This change in U.S. foreign policy (which had previously been somew ( Full Answer )

Truman doctrine and Marshall plan supported what US policy?

President Truman adopted a foreign policy called containment- It was a policy directed at blocking Soviet influences and stopping the expansion of communism. Added: The Marshall Plan was a program aimed at assisting our Allies and the conquered nations to rebuild their economies and the liv ( Full Answer )

How much money did the marshall plan give up to Europe?

An invitation was sent out to European nations, including the Soviet Union, to get together and discuss the kind of aid that was needed. Once this was done, a proposal was sent to Washington. Although lawmakers were not particularly fond of the idea of spending billions of dollars helping Europe re ( Full Answer )

Why did the us introduce the marshall plan?

The Marshall plan was an economic aid that USA provided to western Europe in the year 1947. Western Europe was in economic misery after the end of the world war II. As a result of poverty and unemployment extremist parties especially communist parties gained popularity in Western Europe. USA knew t ( Full Answer )

Why was the marshall plan good for Europe?

America, who at the time had the biggest economy of anyone, was untouched by Hitler and Tojo and no reconstruction of their homeland was needed. So these 2 factors allowed US to invoke the Marshall plan and reconstruct post-war Europe. Which they fought in and had a hand in destroying. Without Ameri ( Full Answer )

Was the Marshall Plan the US answer to the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact?

No. The Marshall Plan was intended to promote economic recovery in Western European countries which had been ravaged by World War 2. Additionally, the Marshall Plan was begun in 1947, so it could not possibly have been the US answer to the Warsaw Pact which did not come into being until 1955. The Wa ( Full Answer )

Why was the Marshall Plan important to the US?

The Marshall Plan was important to the U.S. because it helped to stop the spread of communism during that time. Since many nations were bankrupted and vulnerable as a result of the war, the U.S. feared that these nations will resort to a communist government. The Marshall Plan was to send aid and mo ( Full Answer )

Why did the Marshall Plan increase US taxes?

tax's really started in world war 1 so the army could use weapons, medicine's, etc. and without the stuff in world war 1 we wont have lots of stuff. and my guess is the same

How did the Marshall plan help post-war Europe?

Some critics say the money was spent on rebuilding militaries and warring. Others say the money saved Europe from being made into communist countries. If you asked the Europeans who benefited from the money they would tell you the money rebuilt their nations and economies. I vote for the latter afte ( Full Answer )

How could the Marshall Plan help discourage the expansion of communism?

It allowed for aid in the form of loans to be given to nations hurt by the war. Stalin made it illegal for Warsaw Pact countries to accept Marshall Plan aid, thus leaving them under the inefficient communist system. If it can be seen that the Western coutnries (or the countries that accepted Marshal ( Full Answer )

Why did the US invite the marshall plan?

The United States implemented the Marshall Plan to prevent the spread of communism into war weakened countries after World War II.

What problems did the Marshall Plan help solve?

The Marshall Plan (European Recovery Plan) solved a so-called marketing crisis in Europe by encouraging financial stability, which solved the problem of shortages due to repressed inflation. The plan was a large-scale American program to aid Europe where the US gave monetary support to help rebuild ( Full Answer )

Why did the Marshall plan do?

The Marshall plan was intended to help the European economies recover and thus prevent these crushed and demoralized countries resist the spread of Russian Communism. By 1951 most of the non-comunist states had exceeded the economic out put of just before the war. At this point the Marshall aid plan ( Full Answer )