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The mayflower compact was signed to frame just and equal laws for the general good of the colony.

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No. The Mayflower Compact was signed by the English Separatists and settlers who founded Plymouth Colony, in 1620. It was not related to any war.

law and that you must work to get stuff and not be lazy

The Mayflower Compact kept the settlers together in a group under Parliments laws and kept them from splintering and dying off.

The Mayflower Compact was written by the Plymouth Colonists as a law and order contract.

Here is the term mayflower compact in a sentence. The mayflower compact was the governing document of the Plymouth colony.

The pilgrims who formed the Plymouth Colony created the Mayflower Compact.

William Bradford signed the Mayflower Compact and was a governor of the Plymouth Colony in Massachussets.

The Mayflower Compact.The Mayflower CompactThe Mayflower Conflict

When the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth they wrote to Mayflower Compact ( it was written on the ship they were on named the Mayflower) as a means to govern their new colony.

Plymouth in America what is now Massachusetts...I think

The Mayflower Compact was an agreement between the members of the Plymouth Colony that formed their government.

The Mayflower Compact was able to do this as it was the first governing document of the Plymouth Colony.

The Mayflower Compact version appears in the book, which is intended to present Plymouth Colony in a positive light.

It established the guidelines for he first government of the Plymouth Colony.

first governing document of the Plymouth colony

The Mayflower Compact was drafted to give the Plymouth Rock colonists a system of order and government.

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