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The Mexican Americans contribute during World War 2 because of a program called Bracero and that's how they contribute during world war 2.

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Q: How did the Mexican Americans contribute during World War 2?
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What did Mexican Americans do in World War 1?

Mexican Americans migrated to America to work as steel workers during World War I. They soon began to take jobs in agriculture.

What role did Mexican Americans play during world war 2?


How were the expriences of African Americans Mexican Americans and Japanese Americans similar during World War 2?

i cant i need it -Eli

What other nationalities besides Native Americans and Blacks served the US during World War 2?

Japanese American, Mexican Americans, Philipino Americans, etc.

How did world war 1 affect Mexican Americans?

they immigrated to america as steel workers during WW1 and gained emoloyment in agriculture

How did Russian Revolution contribute to instability in Europe during and after World War I?

How did Russian Revolution contribute to instability in Europe during and after World War 1?The Russian Revolution contribute when

What events show the persistence of racial tension during World War 2?

CORE Congress of racial equality. African Americans in the military, Mexican Americans in wartime and the Japanese Americans in the War effort: Japanese American Citizens League.

Many Mexican Americans who migrated north to take factory jobs during World War 1 settled in their own separate neighborhoods called?


Was there any Mexican slaves during the civil war?

No, there were no mexican slaves during the war. There is no history book in the world that states that a mexican was enslaved and forced to work for an american.

How did Americans contribute to World War 1 through civil defenses?


How did Mexican-Americans support World War 2?

Many by enlisting and serving.

How were Jewish Americans treated during World War 1?

Jewish Americans were not treated any different during World War I.

How did African Americans contribute to the war effort at home during World War 1?

African-Americans fought in one battle in WWI. At home, they were used for labor just like anyone else and also enlisted.

Which Americans were interned during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans .

What contributions have Mexican Americans made to the world?

They have been major contributors in every field.

What minority group did not serve in segregated units in World War 2?

Mexican Americans

Mexican day laborers that worked on US farms during World War 2 are called?

Braceros. The Bracero program aimed at importing Mexican agricultural labor to replace Americans now in the service. "Bracero" roughly translates as "strong arm"

What were German-Americans and Irish-Americans called during World War 1?

German- Americans and Irish- Americans were commonly called hyphenateds during the WWI area.

How did world war 1 contribute to the African American great mirgrat?

The World War 1 did contribute to the immigration of the African Americans to the US because they were used as soldiers and back up.

Who was the Mexican president during world war 1?

Woodrow Wilson.

What was the name of the Mexican workers who came to the US during World War 2 to harvest crops?

Mexican Migrant Workers.

How were economic opportunities expanded for African Americans Mexican Americans and women during world war 1?

There weren’t any opportunities for women of any color or ethnicity in the 1900’s. It isn’t until 1920 that white women were given the right to vote.

How did African Americans contribute to the war effort in World War 2?

They had their own fighter squadrons and battalions

How many Americans served in the armed forces during world war 2?

Approximately 16 million Americans served in the armed forces during World War 2

Russia's significant contributions during World War 1?

didn't contribute.

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