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There were mass graves on occasion as well.

They were burned in the crematories and most of the body's were left to rot

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How did the Nazis dispose of the bodies in holocaust?

at first they were buried, but later they were exhumed and burned, when cremation became policy.

Where the nazis in the holocaust?

Yes, the Nazis were a large part of the Holocaust.

What does the Nazis do to the Jews in the Holocaust?

Nazis killed Jews in the Holocaust.

What role did death camps play in the Holocaust?

Extermination camps played the key role in the Holocaust, as they enabled the Nazis to gas and cremate victims - in order words, to dispose of them systematically, quickly and "industrially". Before that the Nazis had relied on mass open air shootings and mass graves.

How did the killings of the Nazis link to the later holocaust of Jews and gypsies?

It was the Nazis who carried out the Holocaust.

Why did the Nazis carry out the the Holocaust in camps?

The Nazis didn't want to carry out the Holocaust publicly, for example in the street.

Were the Nazis part of the Holocaust?

The Nazis carried out the Holocaust, sometimes with the aid of local volunteers (for example, in Lithuania).

What war was it during when Nazis carried out the Holocaust?

Nazis carried out the Holocaust during and just before WW II

The Holocaust was the Nazis' mass murder of whom?

Jews. The Holocaust was the Nazis attempt to exterminate Europe's Jews.

Where Nazis part of the Holocaust?

Everywhere that the Holocaust took place.

How many Nazis were killed in the Holocaust?

Perhaps 300 Nazis were killed in the Holocaust. Many I'm sure perished in the war. The Holocaust is distinct from the war. The Holocaust was a genocide perpetrated against the Jews.

Crematoria in the Holocaust?

These were used in the Prison camps to dispose of the dead bodies and thus hide much of the evidence, making an exact body count a difficult task.

Where did the Nazis invade during the Holocaust?

nowhere, the Holocaust was not a military action

Who committed the crime know as the Holocaust?

Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust.

Who caused the Holocaust?

Hitler and the Nazis.

The Nazis practiced genocide which is the?


What the Nazis do to the Jews in the Holocaust?

They killed them.

Was the holocaust always the Nazis intention?


How do Jains dispose of dead bodies?

The Jains dispose of dead bodies by cremating them. After cremation, they then throw the ashes into the nearby waters.

What was the holocaust the Nazis mass murder of?

The Nazis killed mainly Jews in the holocaust but also people who were 'feeble minded', 'crippled', and even POWs.

Why did the Nazis do the Holocaust?

Racial hatred, envy.

Who led the Nazis during the Holocaust?


Did the Nazis kill kids in the Holocaust?


How dis Nazis kill the Jews?


The holocaust was the Nazis mass murder of what?


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