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how did the neolithic revolution change life


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the neolitic revolution change society because

The real change in the Neolithic Revolution had to do with animals. Things shifted when the people went from hunting animals to keeping animals.

The two main reasons the Neolithic Revolution was by change and also technology advanced for it to happen.

some people stop relying on gathering food and stared begin to produce food

Where did the neolithic revolution occur?

The change from nomadic herding to settled farming.

The change from nomadic herding to settled farming.

The Neolithic revolution is a time in which society greatly changed. This is the time in which cities came into existence, and people stopped wandering constantly.

The changes that occurred during the Neolithic revolution is the change from being nomads to using agriculture. This allowed people to settle down.

The Neolithic Revolution was a gradual revolution that led to the discovery of agricultural techniques and as a result boundaries, rules, and eventually a settled life style.The Agrarian Revolution emerged out of the Neolithic Revolution and is marked by using agricultural techniques to produce food to survive. I believe it ended only when the Industrial Revolution took its place.

farming brought the Neolithic Revolution

The Agricultural Revolution began during the Neolithic. People began growing crops and domesticated sheep, goats, cattle, and pigs.

some inventions of the neolithic revolution were the wheel and chariot

It means thebindelendnce about Neolithic

Life before agricultural revolution was hard. There were no jobs, killings and ruled by someone that you could not have freedom.

Life changed for people during the Neolithic Age because that was when they found out how to make fire.

Two features of life before the neolithic revolution was: 1. Nomads depended on hunting animals. 2. Nomads had to move from place to place in search of food. - Lynda!; - i hope this answer is good..

The Neolithic revolution lead to specialization. This is because the Neolithic revolution allowed people to settle down and begin to do other jobs instead of hunting.

It is the change of human societies from Hunter-Gatherer to Agricultural.

it changed it because well i havwe no idea figure it out

the neolithic revolution first occurred in the Mesopotamian area.

It began agriculture, or crop growing. Also known as agriculture revolution. This sopped nomadic movement, since people could grow food, they didn't need to hunt everyday. The neolithic revolution was a big change in history.LEO

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