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After their landfall in Sussex, William of Normandy and his followers immediately started building a fortification. They also pillaged the land in the surrounding areas, getting what supplies they needed either by force or intimidation.

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Q: How did the Normans get food once they landed in England?
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How do you know that Limerick was once ruled by Normans?

We know because of our language and castles.

Why did the Normans build their first castle out of wood?

The Normans invaded England in 1066 and after killing England's King, they set about taking over the whole country. In order to do this, they needed to build defenses to protect themselves while they advanced across the rest of the country.The Normans built motte and bailey castles to begin with. These castles were quick to build using just earth and timber. Later, once William the Conqueror, the leader of the Normans, had firmly established his rule in England, the Normans built huge stone keep castles. They were built to last a long time and many can still be seen today.The Normans built castles because they were a very good way for the Normans to expand their grip on the English people. The English population greatly outnumbered the Normans and the Normans had to create an atmosphere in which they were feared by the English, therefore, minimising the possibility of an uprising by the English.Castles were also a sign of Norman power and might. They could be easily seen and as such acted as a deterrent. The castles warned the English that Norman soldiers lived in these castles and that any attempts to rise up against them would be met with force.The castles also gave the Norman soldiers a safe place to live. They were, after all, invaders.

Why did Normans and vikings come to Britain in 100ad?

The Normans and Vikings came to England in 1066 because Edward, the king had died, leaving no children and naming noheir's. He pointed at Harold Godwinson as he died, but he may have meant many things. the viking ruler Harald Hadraada had saved life once and claimed that Edward promised him the throne in return. William I of the Normans was Edwards half brother, but wasn't English. William, Harold G. and Harald H. all wanted to be king. They all fought, and England was in turmoil.

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When was the Norman conquest of englans?

The Norman Conquest of England is the invasion of the Normans on 1066. Read on for greater detail: King Harold Godwinson knew that William was going to invade England for the title of being a King, so he made a line a soldiers from Sandwich to Ilse of Wight. But instead of a attach south there was a surprise attack up north, it was by Danish side led by Harald Hardraada. Harold was in Stamford Bridge in September 25th, William was traveling to England by the 27th of September. On the 28th of September he was causing chaos in Hastings such as burning houses and stealing food. Once Harold defeated Harald Hardraada and heard about the invasion he hurried to Hastings. In the morning of the 14th of October. The war began when Normans fired the arrows. The English blocked but then the Normans started to flee because the thought that William was dead so William had to take his helmet off and say he was alive. So the normans came back and killed all the English that were running towards them. Then the normans tied to use their arrows again but the English defence was just too strong. So the normans pretended ton retreat twice and the English ran towards them. Then the normans let their calvary go killing many of the English. The remaining of the English standard formed a circle around king Harold. The normans arrowed Harold in the eye then cut him up to pieces. F William waited for five days after he won then he made his move. The remaining English earls gathered in London to see what to do. Instead of going straight to London. William want to York and back to London burning houses and taking food. The earls promised to obey him and crowned him King on Christmas day. Just because he was king doesn't mean everyone obeyed him. It took him four years of rebellions to fend before he had control of England.

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When did the vikings attack?

The Vikings first raided an English abbey, Lindisfarne in 793. In 865, the Great Heathen Army attacked East Anglia (England). After that invasion failed, they attacked England once again in 1066, but were defeated at the battle of Stamford Bridge. The vikings attack England again during the Reign of Canute the Great Again in 1066, the Normans invaded and conquered England. The Vikings could not defeat Paris but the King was so impressed that he gave me land and soon raped them.

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