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It made it so that nobody of Jewish decent could do anything with other Germans.

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Q: How did the Nuremberg Laws affect the Jewish community?
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What was Jewish resistance to the Nuremberg laws?

There was no 'Jewish resistance' to the Nuremberg Laws.

What took away Jewish citizenship?

The Nuremberg Laws took away Jewish citizenship. On September 15, 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were passed to take away German citizenship from the Jewish community as well as ban marriage.

What were ther Nuremberg laws?

The Nuremberg Laws were a series of sanctions against the Jewish people.

Did the Nuremberg laws affect other people besides Jews?

No for the most part it was only people of Jewish decent

What were the Nuremberg Laws in 1935?

The Nuremberg Laws were two laws which did not include the Jews in German life. The Nuremberg laws stripped the Jewish people of their rights . These laws were first declared at the annual Nazi rally held in Nuremberg in 1935.

How did the nuremberg laws of 1935 classify people in germany as jewish by what standard did the government judge if a person was jewish?

The Nuremberg laws determined whether a person was Jewish primarily based on the number of Jewish great-grandparents.

Did the Nuremberg Laws take citizenship from Jewish citizens?

yes they did

What were the Nuremberg laws-?

The Nuremberg Laws refers to the law that excluded the Jews from the Germans. The law also took away the Jewish natural rights.

What were the Nuremberg Laws?

The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 should not be confused with the postwar Nuremberg Tribunal. The Nuremberg Laws (1935) were anti-Semitic laws that took away civil rights and (in effect) citizenship from German Jews. Anyone who had three or four Jewish grandparents was classified as a full Jew, regardless of whether that individual recognized himself or herself as a Jew or belonged to the Jewish religious community. (Those with two Jewish grandparents were classified as "half Jews," and those with one Jewish grandparent were classed as "quarter Jews.") The Nuremberg Laws forbade sex and marriage between Jews and non-Jews. Later, the term "sex" was defined in detail. The laws were drawn up by Wilhelm Stuckart and Hans Globke. There is disagreement among historians as to whether the Nuremberg Laws were, in some sense, "spontaneous" (for example, a reaction to a recent anti-Jewish riot) or whether they had been planned long in advance.

What was the name of the first set of laws that allowed Jewish discrimination?

They were called the Nuremberg Laws. They were so named because the laws came after the annual rally at the city of Nuremberg.

Which laws served as the first steps in Hitler's plan to eliminate Germany's Jewish community?

The Nuremberg Laws of 1935, were the first major steps in stripping the Jews' civil rights in Germany.

What law took away Jewish freedom in Germany?

There were hundreds of such laws, starting with the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.

How did the Nuremberg Laws of affect the Jewish people in Germany?

For a start, they were drastically restricted in their choice of marriage partners. Any Jew wishing to marry had to demonstate that his/her marriage partner was Jewish to the same degree.

How did Germans define who was Jewish and who wasn't?

Please see the related question on the Nuremberg Laws.

What were the anti-jewish policies before World War 2?

The Nuremberg Laws.

What was the act that took Jewish rights away in World War 2 Germany?

Nuremberg laws

Why did Hitler make the Nuremberg Laws in Germany?

The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were antisemitic laws in Nazi Germany which were introduced at the annual Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg. The laws classified people as German if all four of their grandparents were of "German or kindred blood", while people were classified as Jews if they descended from three or four Jewish grandparents. A person with one or two Jewish grandparents was a Mischling, a crossbreed, of "mixed blood".The Nuremberg Laws deprived Jews of citizenship and prohibited marriage between Jews and other Germans.

Where were Nuremberg Laws passed?

The Nuremberg Laws were passed in Germany.

When did the Nuremberg laws take place?

The Nuremberg Laws happened in 1935

What nation were the Nuremberg laws passed in?

The Nuremberg laws were passed in Germany.

What behaviors was made illegal under Germany's Nuremberg Laws?

The answer is... Jews marrying non-jewish Germans.

How many and what were the Nuremberg Laws?

The Nuremberg Laws were antisemitic laws in Nazi Germany introduced in 1935 at the annual Nuremberg Rally of the Nazi Party.

What did the nurmeberg laws intend to do?

The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were a string of antisemitic (Anti-Jewish) laws designed to discriminate against and restrict the rights of the Jewish people. However, a lack of a clear definition of who was considered Jewish and who was not allowed SOME Jews to escape discrimination.

Why were Nuremberg Laws called that?

They were proclaimed in Nuremberg.

What kind of behavior was made illegal under Germany's Nuremberg Laws?

Jews marrying non-Jewish Germans