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How did the Palestinian Arabs become people without a country?


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In 1948, Jews didn't have a country, so they invaded Palestine, killed many Palestinians, and forced many out. The Jews then changed the name of Palestine to Israel.


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Israel is not present in all Palestinian Conflicts. The Arab-Palestinian Conflict was fought between Arab States and the Palestinian people and Palestinian militant groups. The Palestinian Civil War involved the two Palestinian paramilitary organizations Hamas and Fatah without Israel at all. As for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Israel is involved because Israel and Palestine cannot currently agree on a long-term solution of how to effectively divide the territory of the former British Mandate of Palestine.

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It's located within the Palestinian Authority in Israel. The Palestinian Authority is in charge in Bethlehem, but pending final status, it's located in Israel. If you mean Bethlehem it is in Palestine city in central West Bank

Many Palestinian people live in the Gaza.

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