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David was a king, and bot a prophet.


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Prophet Dr. David Kingleo Elijah is the most accurate prophet on earth with sure prophecy. Contact Him on 08034225866

David was not a prophet , he was a very powerful and is reals second king.

Prophet Abraham and his two sons; prophet Isaac and prophet IsmaelProphet Isaac and his son prophet JacobProphet Jacob and his son prophet JosephProphet David and his son prophet SolomonProphet Zackariah and his son prophet John (Yahia)

Father: Prophet Abraham sons: prophet Isaac and prophet IsmaelFather: Prophet Isaac son: prophet JacobFather: Prophet Jacob son: prophet JosephFather: Prophet David son: prophet Solomonfather: Prophet Zackariah son: prophet John (Yahia)

David is not the Father of Nathan the Prophet. David did have a son named Nathan, probably named after Nathan the Prophet. Nathan was the succeeding prophet after Samuel. It does not say who his father or mother were in the Old Testament.

The only way someone can become a prophet is if they are called by God to the role.

If you mean the prophet Elijah, then he was a prophet Of the Living God. He was the prophet for King David as well.

Allah (God) decided Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) was going to be the last prophet.

He became prophet because Allah chose him to be. ALLAH chose him over the people

Muhammad was called the final prophet because according to Muslim theology after him there was no prophet to come.

so they can have food Answer I am sorry my friend but David was never called as a prophet, a King yes, and an unrightious one at that. Though at times when he did obey Gods commanments he was entitled to revelation, but he was never worthy enough to be called as a prophet.

Anyone becomes a prophet according to God assignment to him to be a prophet and according to God word revelations to him. No one could be a prophet according to his own choice or his followers choice.

The prophet at the time of king Sauls reign was the major prophet Samuel he was also there at the time of king David.

Nathan the prophet rebuked king David, over the killing of Uriah the husband of Bathsheba.

First of all Solomon was king and not a prophet, he succeeded king David as king.

biography of Dr David owuor

because Palestine is the land of prophets. Many prophets were born or died in Palestine, including Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), prophet (Lot), prophet (David), prophet (Solomon), prophet (Moses), and prophet (Jesus), peace upon them

one doesn't become a prophet he is chosen by god one can become a prophet by striving to reach certain hights of spirituality (not possible these days) but its adiffucult task and Samuel wasnt one of those

He succeeded Samuel. He became a prophet the same way as every other prophet, by being chosen by God to receive His revelations.

He was predestined by God since the beginning of time to be a prophet

Yes King David was one of the prohets.

It was the prophet Samuel who anointed david as king.

Prophet Jeremiah, Prophet Elijah, Prophet Nehemiah, Prophet Joel, Prophet Isaiah.

That would be Dauod/David. (as)

Micah became a prophet in the same way that anyone becomes a true prophet of God. He was firstly called by God and then he was given a message to deliver.

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